Big Badd Wolf Pays Tribute to the Past With “Never Over”

Along with staying safe and washing his hands, Big Badd Wolf is currently working on his debut album 'Careless Whispers.' His most recent release “Never Over” is the third single from his upcoming album to give his fans a taste of what they can expect in the upcoming year. “Never Over” is an R&B and hip-hop love anthem about the ever-so-relatable, one that got away. With his smooth vocals and low key instrumentals, fans will be questioning how anyone could walk away from Big Badd Wolf. 

The relaxed beat of “Never Over” has an R&B style which gives the song a laid back feeling. A unique aspect of the song is the electronic background melody; this uncommon sound makes “Never Over” even more alluring. Aside from these sounds, the rest of the music comes from Big Badd Wolf’s vocals. Not only does he have a smooth voice ideal for this style of music, but he adds depth to “Never Over” by including many vocal counter melodies. The song ends with Big Badd Wolf’s humming and low energy beatboxing to the melody. His vocals and lyrics are endearing; he really sings the chorus with passion and emotion to portray the intensity of his love. With “Never Over,” Big Badd Wolf is able to connect with those in his audience that believe past loves never really disappear.

Listen to "Never Over" here.