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Big Badd Wolf Pays Tribute to the Past With “Never Over”

Along with staying safe and washing his hands, Big Badd Wolf is currently working on his debut album 'Careless Whispers.' His most recent release “Never Over” is the third single from his upcoming album to give his fans a taste of what they can expect in the upcoming year. “Never Over” is an R&B and hip-hop love anthem about the ever-so-relatable, one that got away. With his smooth vocals and low key instrumentals, fans will be questioning how anyone could walk away from Big Badd Wolf. 

The relaxed beat of “Never Over” has an R&B style which gives the song a laid back feeling. A unique aspect of the song is the electronic background melody; this uncommon sound makes “Never Over” even more alluring. Aside from these sounds, the rest of the music comes from Big Badd Wolf’s vocals. Not only does he have a smooth voice ideal for this style of music, but he adds depth to “Never Over” by including many vocal counter melodies. The song ends with Big Badd Wolf’s humming and low energy beatboxing to the melody. His vocals and lyrics are endearing; he really sings the chorus with passion and emotion to portray the intensity of his love. With “Never Over,” Big Badd Wolf is able to connect with those in his audience that believe past loves never really disappear.

Listen to "Never Over" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Big Badd Wolf! “Never Over” captivated us with its unique sounds and soulful lyrics. Can you tell us more about your message behind this song?

It's good to be back here! It's always a pleasure talking with y'all. "Never Over" is probably one of, if not the most relatable track on the project. I sing about being head over hills for a past lover, and how "we both know it's never over." Anyone who ever felt a real connection before knows that it doesn't just disappear.

We know “Never Over” is featured on your upcoming album “Careless Whispers.” Can you give us a little hint on what fans can expect from the other songs on the album?

"Never Over" is the final track on the album, and the third single released to promote it. The other two singles are "Cry Wolf" the first track, and "Conversations" the seventh track. I released them this way to give both a literal and a figurative broad perspective of the album.

With your rapping and vocal skills, it is clear to us that music has been a part of your life for quite some time. Can you tell us about when you first fell in love with music, and why you decided to start producing your own songs?

This is a two-parter! Been in love with music since diapers! My beautiful grandmother would hum "The Elephant March" from The Jungle Book, and I'd scoot my butt around her apartment. My parents never missed a chance to play a variety of classics from Conway to Journey, Beatles to Michael, and Sinatra to Queen (and sooooo many more). The moment I knew how deep my passion for music ran was around 2004 when I heard the album "Songs About Jane" by Maroon 5. That explains itself haha. Anyone who knows me thinks of me anytime M5 is on. 

I actually don't produce my songs. I write lyrics, create vocal melodies, and create the visuals. I've blessed with an extraordinary creative team that really brings these visions to life. Frenzy Frenchy is a producer out of London that has been crafting stellar instrumentals for years. He created all the tracks you'll hear on this project and many others. All these songs are recorded in Arlington, Texas at Banger Boy studio with the amazing James Kline who is not only an intellectual but a truly kind/kindred spirit. Lani Christ is a fellow up and coming singer/songwriter, producer, and he is mixing, and mastering every song. 

With “Never Over” you are spreading love to your audience. What are some other messages that you would like to try to express throughout your career as an artist?

Love is fundamental. Kindness and patience are some as well. Mostly a genuine desire for growth, and betterment on every scale. The world can seem like a terrifying, dark, and lonely place. It also can be awe-inspiring, full of beauty, and wonder. I want to try to shift the perspective so that as many people as possible can see the beauty. 

What's next for Big Badd Wolf throughout 2020?

My album "Careless Whispers" will be dropping this year! I've got a couple of independent singles in my pocket, and ready to drop. I've already started early works on the next project, and it's an EP titled "Naked Truths". 



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