Big Badd Wolf Stimulates a Discussion Between Listener's With Single "Conversations"

Big Badd Wolf has promised us an album, and we aren't forgetting! "Conversations" was the second single 2019 saw from Big Badd Wolf, and it's the track that will come right from his future album. Still being in the mix, we're anticipating great things from what will be Big Badd Wolf's 2020 album! His sound has always used an element of autotune that warps the production into more of an eccentric and outgoing one. All in all, you'll listen to Big Badd Wolf and probably be feeling either laidback or introspective. Maybe a mix of both. Nevertheless, we're excited to present "Conversations" to the BuzzMusic community!

"Conversations" is the most recent release that the music scene has seen from Big Badd Wolf, which debuted in 2019. The track has more of a low-key production styling, but adds more of an eclectic element with the echoing effect Big Badd Wolf uses to his dispense throughout "Conversations". The meaning of the song, in essence, focuses on a deeper connection he desires with another. It's a flowing and wavy environment presented to listeners, combined with elements of vulnerability once Big Badd Wolf delves into mental health. Ultimately, Big Badd Wolf brings about the conversation (pun intended) of mental health and the necessary connection one needs to aid through the process of overcoming it. We're inspired by the thoughts of Big Badd Wolf, and we're hoping there's more of this personal and private reflection from him throughout the rest of 2020!

Listen to "Conversations" here.

Welcome back, Big Badd Wolf! Now that we're fresh into the 2020 year, let's start off talking about what some of your 2020 goals are for your artistry this year, and how you plan to layout your artistry in 2020! 

My plans are growth and expansion! A lot more music! That includes my debut album "Careless Whispers", a collaboration project with fellow artist J Nio, and more. I'll also be stepping into the live scene, I'll be releasing some music videos, there's a podcast and a few other things in the works that I'm excited about. The layout is still developing, but follow me on Instagram for all the updates! Haha

2019 saw the release of "Conversations" from you. Do you feel you've gained the appropriate amount of traction you desired for the track?

There's always room for improvement, especially at the early stages I'm at, and that's really exciting! I'm thrilled with how far the single has gone. It is a personal track, and to see people resonating means everything. 

What kind of ambiance did you intend to set with "Conversations"? On a similar note, was there an integral message embedded within the track that you hoped listeners would receive?

I wanted to let the audience get a good look at me from a vulnerable perspective. The song touches on something that's always been relevant to me. I think a lot of people could put themselves into the song, and resonate with it in a way that creates a four-minute escape from reality. The message is one of connection. As we lose ourselves more, and more to technology let's not forget to practice the art of communication. It's important for us to connect. People change people.

Although we know there isn't a specific release date for your 2020 album, can you give us and our readers any hints on the progress of the album so far?

Absolutely, and thank you for asking! The album is very near completion. I've recorded everything on my end, and I'm waiting on a couple of features. Once those come in there will be final touches, and then it's ready! I couldn't be more excited, or terrified haha! This is going to be a beautiful start to an incredible journey. Thank everyone at Buzz Music for all that y'all have done. It means a lot to any artist. 

We love chatting with you about your music, Big Badd Wolf! We hope that 2020 is sincerely good for you and your artistry! Where are you headed now, besides the creation of the album? Straight into the cosmos! I'm on a mission to provide good vibes for the world! I hope you'll join me.