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Big Boss Jojo Motivates His Fans and Listeners in His Latest Release, “Encore”

Big Boss Jojo is a Rapper from Montreal whose productions are built off of his personal stories that motivate others to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. Since venturing out as a public artist, Big Boss Jojo has released a single, an EP and now has recently released his second single “Encore” and it is a full-on high energy intense bop.

This is a record that will make you feel incredibly reflective of your own story when listening to Big Boss Jojo’s lyrics. There's tense energy happening between the instruments and vocal performance that allows for the almost evocative story being told. The underlining story of how you can start at any place and still come out successful if you put in the work is one that a lot of people will be able to relate to and help motivate them to be their better selves. “Encore” features an intense guitar that changes that hold the roots of the song, dynamic bouncing modern 808 drum sounds, twinkling soft pads, and a grabbing vocal performance that transforms every once and a while with attention-grabbing adlibs and reverb effects. This is a record that shows off Big Boss Jojo’s lyricism and flows to the highest degree while also maintaining an emotional storytelling experience.

Listen to "Encore" here.

Hey there Big Boss Jojo! Welcome to BuzzMusic! In your latest release “Encore”, we get the storytelling vibe that it’s about becoming your better self. What does the song mean to you? How did you come to write the lyrics?

Hey! Thanks for having me! I made the song while I was at work, I was thinking how I was starting my rapping career and how I was becoming more and more aware of the opportunities that I had and the things that I could accomplish. Seeing yourself growing up and being able to make things happen makes you feel some type of way, you feel like a key, you're making doors open. I wanted to motivate people to do the same, at least try to do something while you still have time on this planet. There are so many people out there that would want to be in the same position that you're in right now, you cannot take it for granted. It is going to be hard, but it will all be worth it in the end. There's a lot of people that I know (me included), that did not have it easy growing up, they had to figure things out by themselves and for this they're bosses. So "Encore" is for the bosses, hopefully, my messages gets to them and they keep pushing until they make it!

We are loving the background instrumental, the guitar has a fantastic intensity to it that perfectly suites your performance. Could you talk to us about the creation and the ideas that went into it?

I couldn't speak on that, that's all BulletProof's magic! But the guitar definitely did help bring emotion into the track, I feel like it did a good job carrying my message and I'm glad we could harmonize so well. 

We heard that at a young age you’ve always been involved in the arts, whether it was painting, poems, or creating a production for schools; what had inspired you to begin doing all this?

Well, I've always been creative, it started with little kids drawing to painting in art class, then I had some school work like written productions and poems. It was obvious to me and to the people that would see my work that I had somewhat of a talent, I’ve always been attracted to the world of arts. I think this is what pushed me to this point, seeing that I had this much creativity and talent and that I wouldn't do something about it would feel like a waste. 

Montreal definitely has that cool French Rap scene going on, how do you plan on making the music around more bilingual and accessible for people in the city?

Well first I have to make a name for myself, I have to show that I'm truly in it for the music and not just another kid that's following the "rappers wave". Once this will be done I plan on making features with other artists and showcase the many talents of the city. In Montreal it's not that English music isn't accessible enough, it's just that Montreal has way more French listeners than anything else. There is still English and bilingual listeners but their playlist is mostly filled with artists from the US since so few English artists are known here. So to be able to change that, to me, it is clear to me that I must reach that level. For all the kids out there that are like me that prefer English over French, we should be able to hear something coming out of the city that isn't French for once. To be able to do this, the culture must change, I plan on being a major factor for this change. 


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