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Big City Cowgirl Hits Home With “Every Time”

Songwriter, vocalist, and entertainer, Big City Cowgirl, was born in Long Island and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Yes! I know right? City girl with a love for Country Music? Yes! Her passion for Country Music was instilled in her through her mother, who has always been a big Country music fan. Thus making country music always in her heart. She says “Country Music is meaningful. It is pure and real.” She wants her music to resonate with people. Her brand of music has its roots in all types of genres and she describes it as “honest” and “from the heart”.

Big City Cowgirl describes this girl in every single way. Vocally, she reminds me of a modern day Dolly Parton. There’s familiar a country twang in her voice that I love so much! And truly this city girl is from New York and has the soul of a country girl from Kansas. She really captures you by using her lyrics to tell her story of her love. There’s a host of guitars, strings, and country drums throughout with a little edge to it. “Every Time” is a hit on the country charts guaranteed!

Listen to "Every Time" here!


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