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Big Dante Brings Some Hip-Hop Fire With “That’s on my Mama”

From Enfield, NC, Big Dante is serving us fire hip hop tracks after spending some time serving in the army.

The name Big Dante came from being physically bigger in relation to his father, and perhaps his rapping skills are superior as well, as we see in his latest release, “That’s on my Mama.” This fervent Hip Hop track makes its way through your bones with every beat, keeping the listener nodding their head in unison with Big Dante’s intricate rhythms.

The first time you hear the echoing bass drop is just as exciting as the last, and this follows you straight through to the end of the song. He double layers his vocals for an extra atmospheric effect, highlighting the rapper’s skills and potential.

Big Dante is not afraid to hype himself up with bold and expressive lyrics, consisting of catchy title repetition and extravagant verses. Themes of knowing your worth are apparent in “That’s on my Mama,” weaved into the lyrics.

The style of “That’s on my Mama” stays consistent and familiar, leaving you anxiously waiting for Big Dante’s next verse, sure to be full of passion and assertiveness.

Big Dante is leaving no stone unturned, taking chances with vigorous lyrics and heart-stopping beats.



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