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Big Lex is the Carolina Royalty on Her Latest EP

As one to feel the rhythm in her soul, Big Lex has never shied away from the urge to create music that has the people moving. Making music since a child, she has now grown up and, with that comes the power of a message.

Releasing her emotions, soul, and ability to feel free in the music that she creates, Big Lex hones in on her mindset corresponding to the melodies she brings forth.

Her most recent EP, “Carolina Princess,” holds a significant place in her heart. Being a voice for and from her city, the South Carolina-based artist exercises her versatility in an exclusive fashion. In the six songs showcased, Big Lex produces a hard-hitting atmosphere that is reminiscent of her unapologetic persona.

Accentuating her boisterous attitude in a way that screams, ‘get out of my way,’ Big Lex is here to set the tone with the vibrant offerings she exudes one song consecutively after the next. Her vocalization matches her lyrical dexterity in a way that is blatant and straight to the point. Never one to blend in with the crowd, each track offered on “Carolina Princess,” has us hooked on the infectious bassline and textured layers that at times seep into a distorted wave of alluring tenors reflecting the direction of new wave Hip-hop today.

Fierce with her delivery, the icy cadences that she embodies glide across the entirety of this project in a fortified way. Reiterating the importance of being yourself in a confident manner, Big Lex sends out beams of positivity as she delves into a sound that is uniquely her own and sets out for world domination.

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