Big Runts Darkens the Trap Scene With Their Intriguing Single, "Playin'"

The Los Angeles-based Rap duo Big Runts drops heat with their low-lit Trap single, "Playin'."

The first-ever little person Rap duo, Big Runts represents the underestimated and blasts through to empower others who feel different and unique. With their recent single "Playin'," Cris G and Bulldogg set an intense atmosphere through their deep and primal vocal delivery, and sweltering bars depicting sweet and sultry scenarios.

What keeps us intrigued are Big Runts' rhythm and flow, riding the beat with a natural sense of authority and dominance. "Playin'" opens with a dreary piano melody that quickly drops into the deepest of modern-day Trap beats. We can't help but feel this dark 88Glam vibe from the single's spooky and low-lit production, perfectly setting the song's low, intense, and intriguing atmosphere. Both Cris G and Bulldogg exude incredible confidence within their bars while interestingly offering a back and forth between their different yet equally engaging vocals. Their lyricism surrounds hot and heavy scenes that keep us gripped by the song's sultry aura, not to mention the supporting production keeping the atmosphere vastly intense.

The track's down-tempo approach brings us on a ride into the city's lights through brilliant arrangement and sonic production. Big Runts brings the heaviest and darkest of vibes within their single "Playin'," which are not only perfect for this time of year but perfect for all Trap junkies to delve deeper into the duo's scorching sound.

Listen to "Playin'" here.