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BIG VENTI Never Shies Away From, “SHOWIN’ OUT”

Giving us boss energy left and right is LA-based songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist BIG VENTI with the first heavy-hitting bop, "SHOWIN' OUT," from his upcoming album, 'Party Hills.'

You can always find BIG VENTI turning heads and commanding attention, possessing a similar energy and stage presence as Rick Ross, DaBaby, Tyga, and other powerhouse hip-hop acts. His mega-fashionable get-ups and sleek, cool shades have become a staple for the rapper, all while pumping up any party with his confident bars and ultra-charismatic performances.

Now releasing his killer single and accompanying flashy lyric video for "SHOWIN' OUT," the new track is the fiery lead single from VENTI's forthcoming project, 'Party Hills.' The vibrant lyric video helps us attempt to rap along with BIG VENTI's dominant flow while he drenches us in the utmost swagger, poise, and artistic relevance.

The single has already received radio airplay on Virgin Radio, and we're sure listeners were quick to whip out their Shazam. "SHOWIN' OUT" kicks our speakers over right off the bat with punchy hip-hop drums alongside sharp, bouncy synths that take the song to banger status within seconds.

BIG VENTI brings his big boss energy in this thrilling tune while showcasing his dynamic performance stylings that see him riding the beat with dominance and authority while moving into mysterious whispers to ramp up the underlying sexual tone. BIG VENTI's slightly raspy vocals give the song an edge of grit and power, feeding our ears with a dynamic ride from beginning to end.

Fuel your fire with BIG VENTI's punchy new tune, "SHOWIN' OUT," from his upcoming album, 'Party Hills,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BIG VENTI. We can't get enough of the infectious energy and heavy-hitting vibe in your recent single, "SHOWIN' OUT." What inspired you to 'SHOW OUT' and create this lively, party-fuelled banger?

The club scene in LA is a sight to be seen! That's exactly what inspired me to create "SHOWIN' OUT." I feel that everyone brings their A-game when they go out in LA. From the cars to the outfits, it's the one city where you can be as creative as you want to be. People are always showin' out in Hollywood, and I'm here for it!

What did you hope to bring out in listeners when experiencing the exciting vibe and sound within "SHOWIN' OUT?" What was your main goal with this single?

I want to bring out a boss energy in all of my listeners when they vibe to "SHOWIN' OUT." My hope is that the song motivates people to own their true selves and express themselves freely. Do YOU!

How can new listeners get to know you better through exciting tracks like "SHOWIN' OUT?" Would you say this energetic yet poised sound is a staple for you?

The sound in SHOWIN' OUT is definitely a staple for me. I love to produce bops. If people can dance to my sound, then it's a big win for me. I love rapping over-energetic beats because they contrast nicely with my deep voice. People will get to know me better by hearing the conviction in my voice. I've learned not to pay much mind to other peoples' opinions. I do what I love and keep it moving!

How does "SHOWIN' OUT" set the tone for your upcoming album 'Party Hills'? Will that project is one big party in itself?

"SHOWIN' OUT" perfectly sets the tone for my upcoming album, Party Hills. Party Hills is a nickname I came up with for Hollywood Hills. Most people go to mansion parties when they are done clubbing in LA, so the concepts go hand in hand. The project will for sure be one big party in itself. The album gives an inside look into the lifestyle of the Hollywood entertainment industry. There's never a dull moment.

What's next for you?

I got more bangers to share with my fans! I'll be releasing a few more singles until the album drops this Summer. See you at the mansion parties!


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