BIG VENTI Takes Us To 'Party Hills,' In His New Album

Los Angeles' very own hip-hop recording artist, rapper, and songwriter BIG VENTI returns with a hot and heavy 10-track album entitled 'Party Hills.'

Whenever you see BIG VENTI featured on a track, you know it's a bop. The rapper has made a name for himself with slick trap rhythms, catchy synth melodies, and unforgettable vocal flair. He never fails to bring the party to life with each of his tunes, and the same can be said about his entire 10-track album, "Party Hills.'

Diving into the new project, we're greeted with the introductory track, "FAMOUS NEIGHBOR," which bounces through our speakers with a fiery hip-hop beat alongside BIG VENTI's heated bars. He wastes no time sending listeners into a groove with his rhythmic bars and equally rhythmic sonics that pump up the party. This was a killer way to kick off an album; it sets the lively and energetic tone for the tracks to follow.

Leaping into track number two, "IN MY BAG (feat. Drey Skonie)," BIG VENTI slows things down a bit to ramp up the intensity through a mid-tempo and dark hip-hop beat alongside his cool, calm, and collected bars. Featured artist Drey Skonie gives us those ear-pleasing r&b/hip-hop vocal melodies to spice up the sonic foreground while the sonics carry us to the outro with heaps of introspection and passion.

Shifting into track number three and the album's title track, "PARTY HILLS (feat. Rawan Chaya)," BIG VENTI switches up the vibe to a more vibrant and light-hearted atmosphere with punchy drums, slick guitar samples, and melodic synths. Rawan Chaya sets the tone with her sweet and savory vocals that pave the way for BIG VENTI's bars to groove through our speakers and start the party. This song is a recipe for a good time, and we can tell that was BIG VENTI's mission with this tune.

Jumping into a familiar track we've had the chance to feature before, "SHOWIN' OUT," BIG VENTI throws us into a scorching hot hip-hop atmosphere that leaves our speakers quaking. The bouncy and intense hip-hop beat paired with BIG VENTI's raspy vocals and undeniable power is a match made in heaven. This gripping tune must make its way over to your party playlist; you and the crowd won't be disappointed.

Landing on the album's fifth track and halfway point, "GROUPIES (feat. Rickstarrdidit)," this is another track we've had the chance to feature before. It's an easy breezy listening experience that pays homage to the party life and the many groupies taking up space in bed, but hey, no one's complaining about that. The dynamic performance between BIG VENTI and Rickstarrdidit is stimulating, and we must encourage you to experience it for yourself.

Reaching the album's second half with the sixth track, "HOLLYWOOD VEGANS (feat. IamF.A.M.E and JOSÉPHINE)," this song dances the line between hip-hop and pop with vibrant electric guitar samples and a playful back and forth between BIG VENTI, IamF.A.M.E, and JOSÉPHINE. IamF.A.M.E's first verse sets the lively tone that leads into JOSÉPHINE and BIG VENTI's playful hook. It's quite the feel-good listening experience that's sure to lift you out of any rut.

Bringing back Rickstarrdidit for track number seven, "SHONDA (feat. Rickstarrdidit)," this song brings a modern and easy-listening hip-hop vibe with warm instrumental melodies alongside punchy drum arrangements. BIG VENTI's passionate and loving bars about fighting for someone special are truly refreshing, and Rickstarrdidit's melodic hook emphasizes those passionate sensations tenfold. It's one of those spirited and playful love songs that you won't be able to get enough of.

That said, the party doesn't really start until track number eight, "AUTOMATIC," which stomps through our speakers with crisp drums and heavy piano melodies. BIG VENTI has our heads bopping right off the bat, especially as he jumps into his cut-throat bars that deliver heaps of confidence and playful braggadocious energy that's infectious. It's one of those songs you can rely on for a dose of good vibes.

Haunting the speakers is track number nine, "VENTI GIRLS (feat. Chaunté Wayans)," opening with bright keyboard melodies and low-groaning bass and drums that seep through our speakers with the utmost power and might. BIG VENTI sets the sultry and steamy scene with his descriptive bars that lead into Chaunté Wayan's heated verse. She effortlessly commands our attention with her confident and attitude-packed bars that contrast BIG VENTI's bars perfectly.

Landing on the album's tenth and final track, "STITCHES," this song opens on a more calming and reflective note through chilling synths and piano melodies that transition into the drum-heavy first verse. BIG VENTI wastes no time expressing that his heart is full of stitches, and although he's living life up in Party Hills, that doesn't mean he doesn't feel down and out from time to time. It's an incredibly thoughtful and reflective song that ends the album on a deeply personal note.

There's so much to hear in BIG VENTI's new album, 'Party Hills,' and we're sure you won't be disappointed. Find BIG VENTI's new record, 'Party Hills,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, BIG VENTI. We're ready to hit the club after hearing your thorough and dynamic 10-track album, Party Hills. What inspired you to create this high-energy, personal, and feel-good project?

I’m hyped to hear you want to hit the club after hearing 'PARTY HILLS' because half of the inspiration for this project came from the LA clubs and afterparties in the Hollywood Hills. The other half came from my wanting to fill a void in music. Music is missing a good time. People need to have fun and feel happy when they listen to music, and that’s what this album brings to the industry.

When did you start creating ideas for the 'Party Hills' album? How long was the project in the making?

I recorded the first track on the album, FAMOUS NEIGHBOR, and felt new energy that I haven’t heard in my music before. I wanted to keep that same energy going, so I challenged myself to record a track a day. I did that for 10 days straight, and that’s how PARTY HILLS was born! Adding the features and engineering took more time. All things considered, the album was finalized in about a year. The finished product sounds so polished.

What was it like working with the many featured artists when making 'Party Hills?' What was your collaborative experience like?

One of my favorite things about making music is the collaboration process. It allows for endless possibilities on the tracks. Some of the features were recorded with me in-studio, and others were recorded in other cities. I searched carefully to find artists whose sound & style specifically matched each song.

Do you have a song you're most proud of from 'Party Hills?' What makes that song stand out to you and why?

From “FAMOUS NEIGHBOR” to “HOLLYWOOD VEGANS,” each song tells its own story and stands out in its own way. That’s what makes PARTY HILLS so special; fans have told me it’s “an album full of bangers.” I am particularly proud of "SHONDA" because it’s a studio freestyle that I recorded in only 10 minutes.

What did you want listeners to feel and take away from your album, 'Party Hills?' What experience did you want to give them?

I want listeners to feel the vibrant vibes of Los Angeles when they hear my album. All of my exciting experiences in LA are channeled through PARTY HILLS.