BigMoneyHatcha Lyrically kills it in “Dasani”

BigMoneyHatcha is a Texas-born and Southwest raised artist who has a unique sound that bangs anywhere despite the location and setting!

He released his single titled “Dasani” off his album titled “1801” and we were loving every bit of it! “Dasani” is a fun song that shows characteristics of catchy wordplay and lyrical metaphors while maintaining a sense of youth to the track. In today’s culture of hip-hop, rap music is categorized in many subgenres that helped expand the genre for a more broader audience. BigMoneyHatcha fits right into the blend of trap rap and conscious rap! You can chill and relax while listening to Dasani or you can get hyped with your friends in the club to this record. It’s very much versatile and characteristically driven. The amount of personality this single has was astonishing and attracted us even more to the song. BigMoneyHatcha is no doubt in mind the next rising star to come out the southwest!

Listen to “Dasani” here and get to know more about BigMoneyHatcha below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic BigMoneyHatcha! We love your stage name, what’s the story behind it?

Well I’m originally from Texas and when I moved to Arizona, one of my big homies was like damn Hatchaboy you fresh so I used to go by Hatchaboy and then I started getting more serious with music. And I asked myself what did I want out of music so I came up with BigMoneyHatcha.

Who or what would you consider some of your main musical influences and why?

Mmm I’m originally from the south but I moved around a lot as a kid, my dad would always play Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, as I got older my older brothers introduced me to the whole Swishahouse movement. From there it was Big Moe, Lil Flip, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug. When I graduated high school I decided to move to Florida I ended up getting into some trouble so I moved to Georgia. That’s when I was introduced to Future I always listened to Gucci Mane but Future changed the way I thought about music! 

Let’s talk about your album “1801”. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this project?

Staying patient definitely, not everyone is on my time and just perfecting each song as it’s own entity. I also wanted to have a project you could listen to over and over no skips! 

How does your single “Dasani” fit into the theme of “1801” as a whole?

Dasani is number 3 on “1801” and I feel like it brings that club futuristic let me hit the woah type vibe ya know? It’s a great song that you can rap the lyrics to, the beat the flow the delivery is just right on Dasani. The whole album is lit actually! 

What can we expect in the fall from you BigMoneyHatcha?

I’ll be doing lots of shows, releasing more videos from the album, and of course I’ll start working on more new music! 


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