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Biiig Stretch Puts Us Into a Garden of Sound in Latest Single, "Her Garden"

Biiig Stretch is a Moreno Valley-based self-taught producer who creates genre-fusing sounds that constantly spike your interest. Recently Biiig Stretch released his lo-fi characterful single “Her Garden”. This release is all about the instrumental, it puts you into a zen-like state where you’re just kind of chilling out and having a good time. As we listened we were transported into and surrounded by a beautiful garden of textures that organically evolves throughout the song.

There is a really interesting fusion of styles in “Her Garden”; there are some calm folk elements in the guitar, some hip-hop elements in the drum grooves and sounds, tasteful sound-designed basses that suck you in and out, spicy edgy synths that contrast the smooth tones, and beautiful sparkle of background birds that keep a very frilly natural sound to the whole record. This is one of those records where Biiig Stretch hands us a big blank canvas and then provides all of these beautiful colors in our pallet to let our imagination create the story. “Her Garden” is a calm grooving tune that will easily make you feel assured and that everything will be okay.

Listen to "Her Garden" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Biiig Stretch! Your latest single “Her Garden” is a really colorful blank canvas that allows for us to picture whatever we want, what does the song mean to you? Do you have your own story in the song?

I made this song on a Sunday morning watching my lady tend to her garden while sipping a cup of coffee. It was around 8-9 am and it was already sunny. It’s very nostalgic for me.

There is a flavorful organic spice to every element here, what went into the creation of each sound? Could you talk to us about your process for creating a record?

On this track, I just tried to be as natural and fluid as possible. I wanted everything to sound very lazy and have a lot of swings but also very grainy and sharp. I don’t really have a linear process for making records though. Every time is usually a little different. I just go based on how I was feeling in that moment.

Since essentially self-teaching yourself music production, what kinds of challenges did you face when learning on your own? Do you have any tips that you would give to people that are wanting to do what you do?

I’d say the biggest challenge in self-teaching is patients. You could have someone show and tell you exactly what to do and how to do it, but it’s up to yourself to practice and apply the information. For anyone who wants to do what I do I would just say make music every day, even if it doesn’t sound how you want it to and eventually it will start sounding how it does in your head. Just don’t give up. 

Since the release of “Her Garden”, what kind of goals are you aiming to do in future releases? Do you have any new styles that you want to fuse together? 

I actually have an entire album done, that’s releasing in mid May that has a similar feel to Her Garden but each track is very different. It’s really laid back and I think it’s a reflection of where I am right now. I have a couple more records dropping off it in the next few weeks so be on the look at for those.


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