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Biispo Takes Us Back To Festival Season With His Single “Wake Me Up (Ft. Odum Abekah)”

Californian DJ/producer Biispo drops another ambient house track with his recent release “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah).”

After releasing many notable electronic tracks, Biispo is ready to take his artistic journey to new and experimental places. By conjuring original and different sounds, he strives for his music to reach the souls of his listeners. With his recent single “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah)”,

Biispo finds a serene balance between progressive and deep house, all to serve vibrant energy that lifts us out of our isolation rut. Not to mention Odum Abekah’s soulful vocals that bring out another bright element to the track, the two together are carving paths in the EDM world.

Opening with soothing piano chords and Odum Abekah’s clear and rich vocals that perfectly establish the track's uplifting atmosphere. “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah)” progressively moves into an exciting build while the underlying production begins to expand with celestial ghost vocals and a subtle growling synth. As the textured beat drops,

Biispo blesses our ears with an energetic mix of synths and vocals that create nothing but warmth. Without going unnoticed, the second time around the drop we’re noticing the prior growling synth takes a dominant impact on “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah)”, serving a crafty bassline and bringing us right back to festival season. From Odum Abekah’s lush vocals to Biispo’s transcendent production, “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah)” brings the vibes we’re all waiting to feel again.


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