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Bili B Seasons Our Hearts With Her New Melodious Single, “My Heart”

Bili B has us fascinated as she blends the best genres and gives us a perfect, smoothly wrapped blend of everything we need in "My Heart."

Bili B is a singer and songwriter who depicts her music in her Nigerian culture, where she blends the well-known Afrobeats, R&B, and Pop. Outside of music, she runs her business "Kiss Lane," where you'll find she paints, cooks, and enjoys DIY projects.

Bili B says she wants to leave a legacy and prove to everyone that you can do everything. Her fluency in "Yoruba" makes it easier to apply herself to the music she's creating. Bili formulates the perfect mixture of Afrobeats and Pop to show us how multifaceted she can be, as she smoothly exhibits her voice and gives us the best melodies and drive as she does on "My Heart." As we get introduced to the world Bili B has created in the record called "My Heart," we can instantly hear the beat will do her voice justice, and as she gives us her first few effortless notes, we can hear how it's just a perfect match. The chosen elements in "My Heart" bring a sense of joy and energy that gets us waving our hands and moving our hips. Bili B doesn't stop there, and she digs deeper than the surface in "My Heart," where she tells stories about her experiences in the most beautiful way; she talks about a love she will never give up on as she says things like "I want you babe" and "I got you, babe," we can sense deep passion as she sings it so whole-heartedly. Let's dance the night away with Bili B's flourishing new song "My Heart," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Bili B. We adored the smooth and sensual sound of your atmospheric hit "My Heart." Tell us what inspired this passionate and breathtaking song Thank you! I love to write about feelings and love. The world needs more of that these days. I was humming to the beat at the time, but then the lyrics came to me, and I wanted a song that could be played at a wedding or couple’s event. What was the most rewarding part of making "My Heart?" What did you appreciate the most? Giving an Afrobeats sound, Creating “My Heart” is a meaningful, comforting song. I love that it’s a song one can sing to express the feeling of love for their significant other. Did you have any specific influences in mind when you were creating "My Heart"? No specific influences but simply the idea of caring for someone you love and then expecting the same treatment back as in the lyrics, “I got you, babe, you got me, babe, you tell me that everything is going to be ok” having that feeling of being appreciated from the way someone should be treated. When there are genuine feelings and love in a relationship, it fulfills the heart. How did you want the production and sonics in "My Heart" to make your listeners feel? What was the goal for the song's overall atmosphere? When you listen to “My Heart,” I want listeners to feel the rhythmic sound of Afro vibes infused with beats that hit the soul that makes you want to dance and sing to a significant other.

What's next for you?

My love for music never stops. I am a versatile artist, and I am working on an album and future collaboration. Music is art and love.

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