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Bill Crews And The Crews Cartel Deliver Heartwarming Version Of Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready"

The South-Carolinian outfit put a new spin on the timeless classic.

Skillfully blending the gospel's soul-stirring essence with the breezy Southern rock spirit, Bill Crews and the Crews Cartel is back with another compelling release. Known for their refreshing, comforting sound that brims with positivity and the essence of life, they've firmly established themselves in the music scene as both talented musicians and difference-makers.

With their latest single, "People Get Ready," Crews shows that his commitment to inspiring through music is both serious and admirable, and when the music is this good, too, it's easy to be excited.

Raised by a traveling minister, Bill Crews has an inherited passion for storytelling and bringing good news. He's channeled that to his music, and in each release, you can feel the permeation of his warm artistic spirit softly envelop you.

Drawing inspiration from icons like John Pine, Marshall Tucker, and Jimmy Buffet, Bill's signature homey drawl, and multi-instrumental arrangements make for unique and compelling listening experiences. With his two previous albums managing to chart internationally, "People Get Ready" is an exciting continuation of a rich musical legacy that keeps on building.

"People Get Ready," and the accompanying music video is a testament to an artist operating at the peak of his significant powers. Over Crew's relaxing, mellow multi-instrumental performance, similarly, tender vocals softly melt your fears away.

The music video perfectly complements the musical performance, panning to magnificent shots of nature and train tracks. As the train runs, we are given snapshots of other characters living and enjoying life, whether by strolling with a child on the beach or holding an umbrella for a loved one in the rain. It perfectly represents Crew's warm, comforting, and inviting artistic ethos.

Bill Crews and the Crew's Cartel's latest single, "People Get Ready," is a delightful musical journey to uplift your spirits and warm your heart. When you're ready, tap in and stream Bill Crews and the Crew Cartel's latest single, "People Get Ready," on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bill Crews, and the Crews Cartel! We loved your rendition of “People Get Ready.” We had to ask! What was the story behind deciding to cover this particular song, and what was your favorite part of doing this cover?

I just thought it was a cool song; we could add something to it in our style.

Could you give us the Bill Crews origin story? How was the band formed?

There is a great music scene here in Spartanburg, SC. We pick who we will pick up for a particular song or a gig, including some Marshall Tucker guys.

What is your favorite part of being able to make your music and share it with your fans?

We have to do it in our style.

What would you want it to be if your fans could take one thing away from your music?

Adding our style to well-written songs, we can make it our own.

What’s next for Bill Crews and the Crews Cartel? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Yes, the next one will be an original, I think. So far, I have just loved these covers.

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