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Billboard Chart-topping Songwriter Felly The Voice Releases, "Crazy Girls"

Multi-platinum, Billboard chart-topping songwriter Felly The Voice began writing for local artists in his hometown of Gary, Indiana at the age of 16. With a long list of writing credits for legendary, award-winning musicians such as Chris Brown, 112, Usher, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, Johnny Gill, BBD, Chante Moore, Tamia, Queen Naija, and K. Michelle to name a few, Felly The Voice has respectively received 2x Platinum and Gold RIAA certifications for his work on Chris Brown's ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ album and hit single, ‘To My Bed.’

Now making his official debut as a recording artist, his debut single “Crazy Girls,” seamlessly blends the prime components of Pop and R&B to give Felly The Voice a sound that is unique to his signature recipe. Commencing with angelic harmonies that reinforce a high octane performance coming from a place of passion, Felly The Voice serenades listeners in buttery croons that cascade upon infectious instrumentation.

Through the impeccable blend of musical components that mainly reside in the realm of Felly The Voice’s inimitable croons, we get to experience him on a mainstream wave of Contemporary R&B flavor. Showcasing the luscious resonance that is his melodic presence in the chorus, we get to embrace the punchy rhythm that flows from his verses as he provides us with his versatility right off the bat.

We admire the construction of Felly The Voice’s songwriting techniques as he unveils a narrative that highlights the apple of his eye being a bit off the rails, however, he just can’t turn down what she has to offer physically. With the majority of us knowing exactly where this concept stems from, Felly The Voice has us on the hook for his debut single “Crazy Girls,” and we want to know just what to expect next from this prolific starlet.

Eager to experience what Felly The Voice has for us next, we suggest diving into the “Crazy Girls” single and music video in order to get your sonic dose of what you’ve been missing.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Felly The Voice, and congratulations on the release of your debut single “Crazy Girls.” With such a long list of writing credits, and quite the achievements under your belt, what inspired you to branch off and debut your artistic genius on the side that takes the spotlight? First off thank you BuzzMusic for this interview. The funny thing is, I actually got into writing songs so that I could have control over my career. As a writer, I can define genres and stereotypes. I can be multi-faceted, and everywhere at once as a creative. However, I learned that I still was putting the success of my career in the hands of artists, and labels and managers and producers, etc. Now as an artist and co-owner of my own label, A.P.I.S. Entertainment, I can put music out whenever I want. I can produce projects for artists that I believe in as well. Don’t get me wrong I will always be a writer, this is just another step in taking control of my career. Where did the inspiration for “Crazy Girls” stem from? Did you find the writing process for yourself as a solo artist different from when you write for others? The inspiration behind “crazy girls”, Came from my own experiences and of course those of my friends. We all secretly love our girls a little crazy, allegedly LMAOOO and to be truthful I hate writing for myself… it’s actually harder because I really start to overthink about how people will listen to the records coming from me, Felly. As a writer, I can be as fluid as the artist allows me to be, and I can even challenge the artist to push their boundaries… but as an artist, you have to stand on the lyrics that you choose to sing… I’m learning that THAT can be challenging because you leave yourself subject to criticism. With that being said Dealing with crazy girls or toxic romance is such a relatable subject, so I think it turned out great LOL. Could you please share a glimpse into what the studio session looked like when bringing this vision to life? Was there anyone else helping you in elevating the concept that much more? The song “Crazy Girls” came from a session I had with one of my favorite producers Kid Classic. S/o to Dreek too for coproducing that with him. It was just another session, like many others that we’ve had, to collaborate and catalog. I was thinking it could be a great song for a male artist to sing the hook and a female rapper on the verses LOL. Originally I just had the hook…I just went in the booth, sat down, and freestyled…it was probably like one of three records we did that day. My manager kept telling me that he loved that one in particular. It was kind of annoying LOL. So eventually when we decided to start putting my project together, this was one of the first songs that he said we need to revisit. I had a hook done, so it was kind of easy to finish the verses. I end up doing that in New York City. Funny story behind that, I was up there to shop. I end up spending so much money that I felt guilty. So I had my team book me a session so that I could justify the money I spent LOL. I guess it all worked out. What is your mission statement as an artist and songwriter? It’s funny because my mission statement as a songwriter is different from my mission statement as an artist. As a songwriter, I’m here to translate. I’m here to help artists find their voices. I’ve always taken pride in being able to relate to artists or people in general. I chose the name Felly The Voice, not because I’m a singer, but because I wanted to help other artists find their own voice… as an artist, I just want to get paid $10,000 a show, just kidding. As an artist, I want to be able to help continue to push the genre of R&B. I feel like there’s so much toxicity when it comes to relationships between lovers in this generation. It’s almost not cool/taboo to sing about love these days. I want my music to be a space where lovers can explore the possibility of surviving those ups and downs, And it turned into something beautiful and fulfilling. I wanna help navigate and narrate that journey for my generation and those after me. What’s next for you? Currently, I’m working on Chris Brown and Usher. There are a few albums that I’ve worked on earlier this year and I’m excited about coming out ( Monica, Sebastian Mikel, etc.) and everything APIS including my own project “From The Hood with Love” and our female artist Ashley Ave.’s project. I’m also looking forward to starting to produce a lot more in the near future as well.


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