Billy Dang’s Debut Single “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” Reminds Us to Love From Afar

Based in both New Jersey and Philadelphia, self-produced singer/songwriter Billy Dang releases his heartwarming debut single “Beyond My Wildest Dreams”. By fusing indie folk and pop, Billy Dang found himself in awe of Mark Knopfler’s conceptual songwriting and storytelling, pushing Billy to create textured music of his own. Not to mention other inspirations like Mac DeMarco and Beach House, which you can ear within Billy’s debut single “Beyond My Wildest Dreams”. He mentioned that the song’s inspiration was fuelled by landing back home in Philadelphia after visiting family overseas, appreciating the connection within family and community, and how people can stay so close yet be so far apart.

“Beyond My Wildest Dreams” begins with Billy Dang calmly voicing a pilot as they descend into his hometown of Philadelphia. Already he’s set a clear and peaceful atmosphere, especially as his soft and melodic vocals at the forefront that serenade us with passionate lyrics of keeping that communal feeling of love wherever you might roam. Beautifully transitioning between hook to verse with sweet-sounding and harmonic electric guitar picking, Billy Dang brings such tender feelings with “Beyond My Wildest Dreams”, from the down-tempo instrumentals consisting of electric guitar and peaceful drum patterns, we can’t help but escape into our wildest dreams with Billy Dang’s single.

Fall in love with "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" here.

Hey Billy Dang, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’ve found ourselves in awe of your tranquil and sweet-sounding performance on your debut single “Beyond My Wildest Dreams”. Why did you choose this track to lead the way of your discography?

Thank you! Truthfully, this song was the first one that I was able to bring to life, lyrically and musically.  Sometimes you can plan which songs you want to push out first and in other instances the music decides for itself what path it’s going to take.  The latter was one of those times.  I think its origin is something that everyone can relate to, making it a powerful lead-off song.

Even though “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” is your debut release, Billy Dang already found himself on Spotify’s “Artist’s to Watch” playlist. Why do you think the track has been so successful when resonating with listeners?

Well, I think it’s a simple, relatable track.  I try and keep my songs as simple as I can – in a way that its message can be easily translated for by the specific person listening to it.  I think people like that.  They like simplicity as a contrast to the madness of everyday life.  We all use music in our own way, whether to disconnect from reality or to celebrate landmark achievements in our life.  I’m just trying to fit in with all of that.

We’ve heard that Billy Dang’s main musical inspiration is Mark Knopfler with his ability to tell different stories. What made you so drawn to his style and themes the most, rather than any other artist out there?

I think creative songwriting is an important foundation to have. The topics that the old songwriters, like Knopfler, write about have always challenged me to look deep within myself as a writer. They breed new ideas and feelings. His insight into love or experience, real events, and figures in history are easily relatable in a person’s life, which is important to me when writing music. Relatability, that is. Another thing is his straightforward style in writing and singing. His vocals, I think, are an underappreciated aspect of his music. I figure if he can make it with his voice, then surely there is hope for me! I’m most self-conscious about my voice above anything else.

Now that Billy Dang is beginning his venture into the music industry with the release of your debut single, is there anything you’d like to share with our readers about who you are and what we should anticipate from your music and brand?

Music is an experience that is meant to be shared. My hope is that my listeners can find a piece of music to make their own. If anyone takes anything positive from my music, no matter how small, then it will have been worth it. The best case is that it’s received by another person in a meaningful way or maybe it influences another creative act.  That’s probably the most important thing to me, at the end of it all.