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Binxx Breaks Ties In A New Single, "It's Over"

If you're in need of a punchy breakup anthem, look no further. Pop-punk and hip-hop recording artist Binxx returns with an energetic new single, "It's Over."

Binxx has a distinctive sound of his own. It could be described as a mix of pop-punk and hip-hop, but that's an understatement. With three years in the music industry under his belt, Binxx is constantly showing listeners that he's in it for the long haul. And his unique approach to music would say the same.

This time around, the relatable recording artist releases a bright and anthemic breakup tune entitled "It's Over." He describes the song as a "roller coaster ride of emotions, closing a door you thought would never be permanently closed, while you try not to look back."

Diving into "It's Over," the experience begins with vibrant synths that plow into the first verse alongside quick punk drums and Binxx's bright vocals. As he begins expanding on the pain and strife he's going through post-breakup, he burns our speakers with an exciting and energetic performance that's sure to revive any broken heart.

The addition of crisp and lively electric guitars takes this song to new, exciting heights. And we can't get enough of the insanely catchy hook; Binxx belts his passionate vocals while inviting listeners to release their lingering pain. This song is the perfect dose of energy for those in need of a pick-me-up, especially after a turbulent breakup.

Do yourself a favor and smoke your speakers with Binxx's latest anthem for lonely hearts, "It's Over," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Binxx. We're super impressed with your energy on such an emotional track like "It's Over." What compelled you to create this anthemic tune?

Well, the beat/instrumental is such a powerful and emotionally driven sound already! Especially when the producer added in the Pop Punk elements, which as you know I love. I wanted to express the heavy feeling and thoughts you can have within a deeply intense love relationship. Sometimes when you least expect things to spiral out of your control they can leave you feeling helpless. Especially when you're trying your hardest to keep things together...

Did you face any personal challenges when opening up and writing "It's Over?"

Yes, very much so... It has been a difficult time in many areas in my life including losing someone I cared for deeply. It wasn't that it was hard to write but upsetting and rough to get through. You don't necessarily want to tear up when you are trying to record haha.

What was it like creating the powerful production and instrumentals for "It's Over?" Why did you choose to give the song this exciting edge?

I want to express the unsettling feelings I've been going through in an intense way as if I'm belting out my emotions and pain in a song. I enjoy the Pop Punk sound and I feel I'm able to really say how I feel in a profound way. I want to really connect with the audience so they know me more on a personal level, and talk to them through a song. If they understand and can relate then maybe it will help them.

Did you create "It's Over" hoping listeners would relate? What did you want them to experience?

Exactly, A song can bring up many different feelings for people and remind them of moments in their life. Some are happy, and some are sad. I usually resonate with difficult songs because it helps me feel that there are others who understand. It is therapeutic in a way. I want to start expressing how I feel in the rawest of fashion. I want my fans to really know me and understand when I am feeling a type of way whether it be a good day or bad and in turn, I hope I can help them through my music. Being connected to my audience is important to me. It's almost a way to get my message out, to find people that understand me and what some struggle with mentally.

What's next for you?

I will be continuing my Pop Punk sound with a fresh twist. The main genre is something I grew up with heavily. It excites and inspires me to my core. In saying that, I like to do it in my own way. You will be seeing a new type of energy with my music in many ways here soon.

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