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BK Bastard Pays Tribute to the 'Lost Ones,' in a 2-Track EP

Bringing us the heat from his hometown of Flatbush, Brooklyn, songwriter, rapper, and recording artist BK Bastard is continuously turning heads with his latest enthralling 2-track EP, 'Lost Ones.'

Known for bulldozing the rap game with his abstract lyrical approach, BK Bastard's energetic flow and quirky wordplay make it difficult to ignore such an exciting and modern sound. Taking influence from the sounds of jazz, old school reggae, merengue, and r&b, BK Bastard is able to deliver a fresh sound that's solely his own.

Recently releasing his 2-track EP entitled 'Lost Ones,' the listening experience kicks off with the introductory track, "A.M." As the song opens on this contemporary and modern note with bouncy and bold production, BK Bastard jumps into the track with his melodic vocals while introducing us to his exciting performance abilities. As he makes his way into the first verse, a buzzing bass-like synth melts through our speakers alongside crisp drum arrangements and BK Bastard's energetic flow. Not to mention BK Bastard's exciting, playful, and passionate bars, he leaves us bopping our heads and chanting his ear-worm lyrics until the dreamy sonic breakdown towards the song's end.

Blasting off with the final and title track, "Lost Ones," the song opens with a bright and electrifying synth that rings sonic similarities to Lil Uzi Vert. Although this song is only two minutes in length, it's engaging and jam-packed enough to make the listening experience feel a whole lot longer. As BK Bastard brings his melodic and lush melodies over the hook, he jumps into his charismatic bars on the verse while touching on how grateful he is for landing the various opportunities that let him live without worry. We can't get enough of BK Bastard's witty performance, as he makes it impossible to take our smiles away after experiencing such an authentic and stimulating EP like this.

Get your speakers bouncing with BK Bastard's latest 2-track EP, 'Lost Ones,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BK Bastard, and congratulations on the release of your dynamic 2-track EP, 'Lost Ones.' When did you begin executing ideas and creating this project? Did anything, in particular, inspire this project?

Thank you! I started working on the EP about a month before I released it in mid-July. I had just come back from visiting some friends in Colorado I hadn’t seen in years, and was inspired to write “AM” due to 2 weeks of endless recreational weed, drinking, and partying.

Why did you choose to release only two tracks within 'Lost Ones?' How do these two tracks fit into the project's concept or theme?

I was going to release “AM” as a single at first, but before I recorded it I got some news my homie passed. With that on my mind, I couldn’t help but want to elaborate on some of what I say in “AM”, because I felt the attitude I talk about having on that track, had led to me feeling the way I did about my friend passing. Just felt like I never got to show that I truly appreciated him being a friend. I kept the EP at two tracks because I wanted it to be a simple message. Acknowledgment, and apology. I didn’t want anything to take away from what I was feeling at the time.

Expanding on the introductory track, "A.M.," why did you choose to open the EP with this track in particular? How does it set the tone for the EP?

I started the EP with “AM” because I wanted to start off with a bit of a premise to my apology. I wanted to let people know it’s not you, it’s me. I have crazy tendencies and I push people away a lot. I also love the fact that it’s still incredibly upbeat for such a topic. It gives you a chance to transfer some negative energy into uplifting vibes. Which is all I ever want my music to do. Kind of like how screaming to Eminem at the top of my lungs makes me feel happy.

What lyrical themes or messages did you want to convey through the title track, "Lost Ones?"

With “Lost Ones” I wanted to make it uplifting, but still sad, and sort of angry in a way. Angry with myself, like I know what I’ve lost. The sharp flow I have throughout the verse I think does that perfectly. I wanted it to sound like I’m having an erratic conversation with myself. On the one hand, I’m happy to have the memories that I will always cherish, but at the same time, I’m scolding myself because I know I didn’t put in as much time as I could have. That’s a feeling that I’m sure a lot of people experience in life, and I wanted to put it in words that may help us forgive ourselves and hopefully change some of our ways when it comes to showing people how much you truly appreciate them. We take a lot for granted these days.

How can listeners get to know you and your sound better through the EP, 'Lost Ones?' Would you say that this project is a solid representation of the music, vibes, and concepts you typically create?

Through this EP people can learn a lot about me as an artist. I have an affinity for upbeat music and emotional content. I like to take listeners on a journey. Tell them a story about redemption, failure, insecurities, success, basically anything I experience. And I like to tie it all together with unique flows, developed from years of listening to just about every genre of music. That being said, I’m still exploring a few sounds, because a lot of what I make depends on how I’m feeling that day. I don’t ever want to be boxed into one specific genre as an artist, so I play around with as many different styles and sounds as possible.


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