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Black Creek Reign Fuses Multiple Genres To Create This Sensational Hit, “Gone Away”

Black Creek Reign was founded by Darren Armoogam and Lex Stultz after the implosion of a previous project. They both had to pick the pieces up after a controversial ending from their past. They keep the unique sounds of Blues, Reggae, Pop, and Rock Music. The addition of Shane Joseph on drums last year offered the perfect piece to complete the 3 piece ensemble, his experience and multi-instrumental prowess was a breath of fresh air for the band.

Black Creek Reign released their single titled “Gone Away” and if they thought the drummer was the only breath of fresh air for this band? Then they must not know the exact impact they leave on a listener! “Gone Away” was one of the most refreshing sounds I’ve heard in recent listening. The mixture of different genres created a well-seasoned and tasteful song we couldn’t get enough of. “Gone Away” vocals and melodies were like the icing on the cake to a beat so sensational. “Gone Away” kept me going through multiple different vibrations and exuded unique vibes to the listener. I’m a personal huge fan of Reggae, so the addition of reggae in the beat was nicely done. The vocals kept adding a smoothly-saturated texture to keep the song alive and consistent. Prepare yourself to escape your day to day stress with a magnificent song like “Gone Away”. Black Creek Reign knew they had something special, and they show us that in “Gone Away”.

Check out "Gone Away" here!


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