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Black Kenn Keep Things Real In New Track “Time Zone”

St.Louis, Missouri native Black Kenn is a talented, independent artist making a name for himself. Growing up, Black Kenn dreamed of being a pro basketball player, he fully threw himself into the sport but soon realized his true passion was music. Linking up with his best friend, Gustoo as the producer, Black Kenn the artist was born. Freestyling and rapping became second nature to him. Like his gift of basketball, he dedicated himself day in and day out to his music growing and evolving over time. Black Kenn is rising to fame quickly with his authentic fusion of trap and hip-hop flavors. 

“Time Zone” is a dope new track by rapper and gifted lyricist, Black Kenn. The track is all about the struggles of being out on the road on tour, and trying to get home to the one you love. “Time Zone” showcases Black Kenn’s flawless flow and expert lyricism. He’s able to blend vulnerability with a contemporary trap sound. The song is a hip-hop anthem all about loyalty, love and trust. Black Kenn admirably curates relatable tracks for his fans to vibe to. The undertones of synths and the rhythmic textures fuse brilliantly to create this hot new track. I highly recommend you check out “Time Zone” and Black Kenn’s entire new album “The Book Of Kenn”. The album was produced by DolanBeatz which is a platinum plaque producer responsible for producing “ New Patek “ by Lil Uzi Vert.

Listen to “Time Zone” here and read more with Black Kenn below!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic! How did you know that music was your ultimate passion as opposed to basketball?

Well I’ve always been a big fan of music, just never saw it as my thing. My brother Gustoo started producing and asked me to freestyle to his beats, this is all around the same time that I got kicked off the basketball team at school too so I was like why not? I still didn’t feel like that was my lane though. It was really Gustoo that saw something in me way before I did, and was telling me I should take it serious. It wasn’t til within this last year or so that I noticed I had a real love for music.  

What’s your track “Time Zone” all about? Is this song based on your real life experiences?

Yes, this is most def based on a true story haha. I’ve had women tell me I suck at texting and how terrible I am at communicating, but they don’t understand that when I’m out of town I’m really out here working. So I made this song to let em know I ain’t forgot about ya love 

, also I feel like this song shows growth in my music and gives the listener a different flavor of Black Kenn than what they’re used to. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Hopefully they take away that the music is unique and original. I just wanna make good music people can connect to in some type of way.

What can your listeners expect from your album “The Book Of Kenn”?

Expect nothing. Appreciate everything. 

What's next for Black Kenn?

More music of course, ‘Nightmare On Gustoo Street 2’ is coming in the fall. Also be on the look out for more visuals and hopefully more shows too! Black Kenn Worldwide! 


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