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Black Lab Bring a Cinematic Feel to Their New Song, “In A Moment”

The duo, Black Lab, have made major-label records for Geffen and Epic, and now they're here to share their newest, most cinematic track to date; "In A Moment." It's hard to believe that Andy Ellis and Paul Durham work together from across the country. Singer/songwriter Paul Durham and producer/composer Andy Ellis, have released a diverse amount of music together under the name, Black Lab, ranging from unplugged records to electronica instrumentals. Their newest creation, "In A Moment" captures a sentiment that we loved.

"In A Moment" draws you in with smooth synthesizers and a laidback beat. Even with the hip hop influence behind the drums, we felt the emotion shine through. Paul's voice is hauntingly beautiful and especially captivating when he sings the lyric, "this sweet life goes by in a moment." Paul's lyrics and vocals paired with Andy's production and composition give their music unique energy. "In A Moment" left us with a slow fade out and dramatic reverb that will have you returning for more in no time. Black Lab has pulled off yet another style that you won't forget once you hear their new single, "In A Moment."

Listen to Black Lab's “In A Moment” here.



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