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Black Note Graffiti Brings Truth and Energy All in One With, “Inch X Inch”

Black Note Graffiti blesses BuzzMusic once again with another hot and dynamic single "Inch X Inch." After their recent track "Fallacy" that made our speakers shake, the band has decided to take on another incredibly relevant and meaningful single that we can deeply resonate with. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, Black Note Graffiti's single "Inch X Inch" runs on the theme of toxic relationships that run in circles, while finding that inner worth to take action and cut the cord. With tight rock and progressive metal instrumentals from the ferocious five, Black Note Graffiti brings nothing but truth and reality.

Opening with Ricardo Ortiz's deep and striking electric guitar riffs, "Inch X Inch" starts with nothing but heat. As Kurt Keller's punchy drums begin piercing through, Gabrielle Bryant's powerful vocals take the track by storm and pelt us with lyrics like "Inch by inch we move in directions that lead to nowhere." Growing in energy and moving into the blistering chorus with Kris Keller's much needed layered electric guitar that hits in all the right places, not to mention Adam Nine's throbbing bassline keeping the groove locked right in place. Even incorporating melodic piano at the bridge giving "Inch X Inch" a soulful touch, that's perfectly evened out with Black Note Graffiti's forceful rock. Another single by Black Note Graffiti that mustn't go unnoticed, as we're sure you'll love it just as much as we did. Be sure to listen to "Inch X Inch" here.


Hey Black Note Graffiti, welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re captivated by the band's detailed imagery and fierce sound within your single “Inch X Inch”. What inspired BNG to write a track based on the toxicity of overdue relationships?

Thanks, BuzzMusic! Glad to be back chatting with you guys. It's funny because the lyric “inch by inch” comes from a time Gabby was waiting in this crazy long line at chic-fil-a at college almost as if the line was only moving inch by inch. Which spiraled into coming up with relationships that move inch by inch leading to nowhere, almost as if they have and will always be in their current state or space, much like standing in a very long crammed lines in small buildings (haha).

Within your recent single “Inch X Inch”, Black Note Graffiti captures brilliant instrumentation that pierces into our souls. Could the band expand on your creative process when finding what sounds/melodies fit the overall tone of “Inch X Inch”?

Inch x Inch is a song of rebellion while also a song of entrapment. So that's where there are parts that seem powerful and glorifying and others that seem more somber and quiet. Much like how someone would feel being on the very edge of breaking free. 

We’ve noticed that Black Note Graffiti has quite the loyal fanbase. Are there any measures that BNG takes to ensure you lock in those listeners and still intrigue new ones?

Passion, drive, and engagement with our fan base ensures longevity.  If the music we are writing and working on does not move us as a band it probably won't move our listeners.  When writing, going the extra mile and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone can be very difficult. But this is when we really create something unique and inspirational. 

Speaking on Black Note Graffiti’s upcoming EP’s “Volume III Rise” and “Volume III Fall”, we’ve noticed that volumes I and II have a few years in between them. Did BNG always have a plan to release four EP’s, or was this idea sparked along the way of your careers?

We did know there would be volumes of music to come in the future.  Every volume BNG has created has been an exponential increase in songwriting, performance, and recording quality.  As long as we continue to grow in this way we will keep on creating new material.


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