Black Note Graffiti Provides Heightened Strides in New Single, "Alone"

Comprised of Gabrielle Bryant (vocals/keys), Kris Keller (guitar/vocals), Kurt Keller (drums), Ricardo Ortiz (vocals/guitar), and Adam Nine (bass), Black Note Graffiti is running at full speed with the release of their latest single, "Alone.”

With an amplified accentuation placed on the instrumentation’s dark undertones, “Alone” resides on the latest body of work, ‘Volume lll Rise/Fall.’ With the production handled by musical architect Chuck Alkazian, the exhilarating essence of this record makes itself known through the intricate progressions that surface from the speakers.

As the chugging guitar riffs bring a multi-dimensional pull to the integrity of this song, we admire how the percussion patterns evolve from sparse to plentiful as the arrangement carries forth powerfully. The smoldering vocalization of Gabrielle Bryant collides with the ever-changing elements weaved into the prevailing atmosphere that “Alone” carves out.

Encouraging listeners to get lost in the music as they take this piece in, it comes as no surprise that intensified soundscape is bolstered with themes of urgency and heightened emotion. Black Note Graffiti does an exceptional job at allowing their tracks to leap from the speakers and take form in the mind of whoever chooses to tune into that unraveling depths they venture.

With “Alone” marking the release of their album, ‘Volume III Rise/Fall,’ we’re chalked full of anticipation when it comes to hearing the sequence of brilliance that will be placed into our ears.

We love the intensity that strikes through the musical elements of “Alone.” Could you please share the meaning that’s meshed into the empowering lyrics we hear? Gabrielle Bryant ⁃ The lyrics for Alone were written mostly directly so the listening can empathize with the meaning immediately, which is not alone. The song is speaking to those who feel isolated in their struggles. Alone Reassures that everything one wants to accomplish can truly come to pass if they just took a minute to realize they aren’t alone. We all have our struggles, but by even meditation and rational thinking, the goals we set are attainable.

With this being the first song that Black Note Graffiti has created in the studio, what was the experience like for you all? How was Chuck Alkazian able to flourish the vision that you had in mind? Kris Keller- It was like being a kid again. Kurt our drummer walked into the studio never hearing the track before. Chuck being a drummer they were ready to party down with a blank slate of beats. The same goes for Ricardo and Adam writing parts on the fly creates pressure to produce and it worked out excellently! It was exciting and one of my favorite tracks on this album.

In terms of the contrast “Alone” holds on your album, ‘Volume III Rise/Fall,’ how does this song speak into the project's concept? Gabrielle Bryant - The Rise and Fall EPs are the direct inverse in meaning to each other. Meaning all songs of Rise are about uplifting or self-awareness and all songs on Fall relate to the downfall of a society of one’s self. Alone fits perfectly in the Rise category. If your audience could take away one thing from the music that you create, what would you want it to be? Gabrielle Bryant - Everything we write about always has a relative message, and hopefully some will be able to feel a seen a relatable with our music. The goal is the influence ideas and opinions.

Why did you choose to put this album on vinyl vs. the proverbial way of releasing music? Kris Keller-l, I think vinyl has become essential for a band's merchandise because it connects you with your fans in a different way. To actually hold the record, read the liner notes, and have art connected to the music is an amazing experience."