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Black Note Graffiti Serves the Bittersweet Taste of Reality With Their Single “Fallacy”

Alt-Rock/Metal band Black Note Graffiti returns after three long years with their latest ear-splitting single “Fallacy”. By perfectly blending the likes of hi-fi alternative rock and pulsing progressive metal, the five songwriters have expanded their sound by working with producers/engineers like Brad Gilderman, Vinn-E Dombroski, Chuck Alkazian and Al Sutton.

Their latest hard-hitting single “Fallacy” brings you on a rock-infused journey through the soul, channeling emotions that come from deep within about the depths of our reality, and maybe others too. With concepts that allow their audience to rise up and embrace who they are, Black Note Graffiti brings their songwriting to new worlds.

“Fallacy” opens with an upbeat yet dark electro percussion pattern, met with Gabrielle Bryant’s filtered vocals chanting the track's chorus with precision and power. We’re then hit with face-melting guitar riffs and pounding drums that conjure up any pent up angst and emotion you may have. We're left on our toes with dark and soulful lyrics that take you on a journey, “False realities a sequel to create, in a fallacy of hate”. With each downbeat serving gritty and empowering metal instrumentation, Black Note Graffiti’s “Fallacy” notably incorporates broad electric guitar that shreds to our ears pleasure.

It’s without a doubt that Black Note Graffiti has upped their game since 2017, and is already getting ahead of the competition.

Listen to "Fallacy" here and connect with Black Note Graffiti on social media below.


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