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Blast Off Into The "Atmosphere" With Waterfront's Powerful New Release

Keeping rock alive in our neighboring country of Canada is the impressive quintet Waterfront, blasting speakers with bangers like "Atmosphere" from their latest EP, Sleep in the Cold.

Since the release of their debut EP in 2021, New Heights, Waterfront has been tearing up venues and keeping the spirit of rock alive and thriving. Comprised of Dan Sequeira, Tanner Cyr, Devin Taylor, Ryan Ross, and Benjamin Forseth, Waterfront is ready to go harder than ever before with the release of their third EP, Sleep in the Cold.

While the project features 5 incredibly dynamic, gripping tunes, we have a soft spot for the outro track, "Atmosphere," which was the album's lead single and now has its own music video. Produced by Quinn Cyrankiewicz (Royal Tusk, Calling All Captains), "Atmosphere" packs all the emotion, heart, and grit we'd expect from such an experienced 5-piece rock band.

"Atmosphere" opens on a dark yet engaging note with melancholy, haunting acoustic guitar melodies and Dan Sequeira's gentle vocals that melt through the speakers. As he expresses his desire to feel pain to feel alive again, Waterfront pumps up the heat and anger to drive the message home. As they return to the anticipation-packed verse, Sequeira's thought-provoking lyrics of heartbreak and removing yourself from the situation are deeply relatable.

And just like that, Waterfront comes pouring through on the hook, chilling the spine with incredible vocals, killer drums, powerful guitars, and a sick bass line. While Sequeira expresses the post-break-up pain and isolation, he admits that up in the "Atmosphere" where he's away from the chaos, he can somehow breathe easier. It's a solid reminder that when all else fails, we must find our ways to cope and move forward.

This song screams quality from top to bottom, and Waterfront is no stranger to pumping out tunes that demand the listener's attention. Experience it yourself and find "Atmosphere" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Waterfront! We're head over heels for your emotional and powerful single, "Atmosphere," from your recent EP, Sleep in the Cold. Why did you choose this track as the EP's lead single?

'Atmosphere' has always been a special one for us, and we weren't sure where to slot it in for extra attention, but the more often we shared amongst our inner circles, the more the song stood out for others. That gave us the confidence to give this one the love it deserved!

What inspired the creation of "Atmosphere," and who handled the vulnerable songwriting? What was that creative process like?

Funny enough, Atmosphere is the one song from our recent EP, "Sleep in the Cold," that was incomplete going into the studio. The rest of the songs were completely fleshed out and demoed, but Atmosphere was a half-and-half idea. In many ways, that helped it as the time we spent making the whole project fuelled the day-to-day writing on the song, and that brought out a unique tenderness but massive energy to it. In many ways, the experience we had creating the whole project funneled into a nice ending, metaphorically and literally, with this song as the closing track and final lead single. Dan wrote the initial idea that got stretched into the larger rocker it became via our Producer Quinn Cyrankiewicz. Devin and Tanner helped fill out the middle little bits, most coming from Dan and Quinn.

How does "Atmosphere" fit into the theme and concept of your recent EP, Sleep in the Cold? And why did you choose to place it as the outro track?

The writing process was very straightforward outside of Atmosphere. Many months went into preparation before hitting the studio in Edmonton, Alberta, in the summer of 2022. Many revisions, rewrites, and back and forth with our producer and demoing resulted in these five songs we love dearly.

Atmosphere encapsulates "Sleep in the Cold," but taking many of the themes and ideas hit across the other four songs, doing away with anything, and embracing one's journey, whether lonely or not, to self-acceptance. Some things you can't control; maybe you want to be alone in the atmosphere for whatever reasons, but at the end of the day, you have to rely on yourself and find some love there.

How does Sleep in the Cold differ from your previous two EPs? What makes this project different?

"Sleep in the Cold" is a massive departure from our history and roots, but in many ways still feels the same. Night and day, our evolution remains tied to becoming bigger, more complex, and louder than before. It's always bubbled under the surface, and we felt it was time to embrace the beast, for lack of better words. It was the right time to rock out and retain our usual DNA.


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