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Blast to the Past With Fee the Evolutionist’s Collaborative Debut Single

The New Hampshire native, songwriter, producer, emcee, and hip-hop artist Fee The Evolutionist gathers the top talents across the state for an epic collaboration entitled "Beast Over Beats."

Fee the Evolutionist delivers a unique flow reminiscent of golden-era emcees like Rakim and Nas. Fee has worked incredibly hard to evolve his style to stand amongst hip-hop royalty. He's collaborated with mentor Ski Beats (Jay-Z, Mos Def & Camp Lo) and has been a part of various projects to put New England's hip-hop scene on the map.

Now releasing a boom-bap-inspired golden age tune entitled "Beast Over Beats," Fee the Evolutionist makes his grand debut alongside six other flaming hot names around New England. This track features all the talent, energy, and soul we could ask for, and we're thrilled to take a step into the musical time machine that is this single.

"Beast Over Beats" begins with a groovy bass lick and a fierce organic drum break that welcomes Fee the Evolutionist's crisp and confident bars to set the tone. Later, Jay "Quo" Cruz makes his appearance and deepens the track with his low and attention-commanding flow. A quick follow-up is Pro Lyrical, who snags our attention with his swift bars and overall charisma.

Before we know it, we head over to the scratchy hook with DJ Myth's intense and rhythmic scratches that lead us into D-Tension's confident and alluring verse, leaving our heads bopping with every word. Coming in hot is Alunar Landing with a rapid-fire verse to heat things up. Finally, Cody Pope makes his way in to close the classic tune with his poised and intense delivery.

Get your dose of classic hip-hop with Fee the Evolutionist's debut single, "Beast Over Beats," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Fee the Evolutionist. We're wildly impressed with the heavy collaboration in your big debut single, "Beast Over Beats." What inspired you to work with six different artists on this track?

First off, thanks for the interview. The motivation for creating Beast Over Beats was that I wanted to bring together the most talented artists from my area. The project is a classic New England cypher track and all the emcees represent their respective regions. The other criteria were that I wanted to work with conscious artists who like to give back to their communities.

Why did you want to release "Beast Over Beats" as your debut single? How does this track act as a solid introduction for new listeners?

I wanted to release Beast Over Beats as my debut track because it has a lot of energy. I wanted my first single to smack the listener in the face (so to speak). Also, I felt that I could make a lot more impact collaborating with a crew of like-minded affiliates. The goal is to bond together, rock shows, and increase our fan base, which we are successfully doing.

What was your experience working with the six talented names in "Beast Over Beats?" How long did this process take?

Working with the cast of Beast Over Beats was phenomenal and fairly easy because the artists were so professional. They all sent me their vocal tracks and DJ Myth sent me his scratch tracks. I produced the beat and my nephew Matty & I then mixed it at GCS Studios in my hometown of Nashua, NH. The whole process only took a few weeks. It was fun.

Do you plan on releasing more nostalgic and golden era-like hip-hop tracks in the future? Is this reminiscent sound a staple for your artistic brand?

Great question! I definitely plan on releasing more golden era style hip hop as this is a staple of my brand. As a matter of fact, on Christmas, I’ll be dropping a new track called Back in the Dayz which is a tribute to my old crew X-Cal. The song has a classic Hip Hop/R&B feel and features fellow emcee Professor Lyrical and Ruby Shabazz who is an incredible singer. It is produced by Ski Beatz who also produced Jay-Z’s platinum-selling record, Dead Presidents.

What's next for you?

My next move is to continue to work with professional emcees in the area and start a movement of conscious Hip Hop events that showcase talent and contribute to the community. New Hampshire and other northern states like Maine are a gold mine of untapped talent and resources. I feel that if we come together we can create an environment where creativity can thrive.

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