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Blastar Shows His Individual Style With Single “Chill Out”

Blastar was born in Paris, originating from the West Indies, Blastar began working on music at a young age, experimenting on a bontempi synthesizer in the 90’s. As the years progressed, he developed a certain versatility to his music which led to him the ability to compose R&B, Pop, and many other genres. He released his single titled “Chill Out”, a multi-faceted single with many layers. The song begins with Blastar’s intricate rap flow supported by his unique vocal articulation. “Chill Out” transforms into something more hauntingly chilling but dope and appreciated. “Chill Out” doesn’t stick to a singular surface song, it has many layers that you uncover as the song continues to progress.

Blastar has a different rap style that’s highly marketable and sets him apart from most rappers out today. It has this grimy kind of flare with a sound similar to the likes of “Flatbushzombies”, a hip-hop group that was equipped with significant amount of grit and edge to their voices and style. “Chill Out” has a dark trap aesthetic to the beat however, I’m personally fan of those aggressive beats where you feel like you’re absorbed by the entire atmosphere the artist creates for you. Blastar correctly executed a manifold hit that blends the lines between rap and dubstep.

Listen to "Chill Out" here.

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