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Blazing Bright, Sean Listro Re-introduces His Fan Favourite, "Lonely Star (remastered)"

Encapsulating a creative, edgy, and emotion-driven journey in the music that he creates, Sean Listro sets out to garner the attention of his listeners at every moment he gets.

Harnessing the atmosphere, success, and intensity of his November single, ‘Feel Your Touch,’ Sean Listro has taken it upon himself to re-release a fan favorite, “Lonely Star (remastered).”

Sean Listro casts out an intoxicating vibration of funky, synth-heavy components which are reminiscent of tracks found on U2’s 1991 record, ‘Achtung Baby.’ “Lonely Star (remastered),” produces an ethereal atmosphere that radiates infectious grooves at their finest moments.

Sean Listro’s vocalization dives into a reverberated resonance that sweeps us off our feet and transports us to a psychedelic universe reflecting on mesmerizing tones that dip into a pool of luxury.

Sean Listro invites his audience to embrace a mind-altering state of utopia that encourages you to get lost in the raucous distortion, which plays a huge role in how the explosive guitar riffs and rhythmic bassline, take us into genres fusing in the realm of alternative rock, and tried and true, funk. Inspiring his listeners to charter a world that they have yet to explore, Sean Listro is the master at fashioning sonic expeditions that take you into a surreal state of warped thoughts.

As the chemical reaction of unified fusion immerses our ears in a seamless mesh of Sean Listro’s opulent vocals, and instrumentation to write home about, we are under the captivating spell of Sean Listro’s musical goodness. As we prepare to gnaw at the next track Sean Listro has in his eagerly awaited catalog, “Lonely Star (remastered),” is on repeat.

You mentioned that the songwriting process for this was very organic. Did you tackle this creative process differently than other songs that you have released?

Thanks for having me! Yes, it was very organic in that everything came together fairly quickly. My creative process with Lonely Star is very similar to how I write most of my songs. I'm usually either very inspired after listening to some of my favorite influences work, or a riff/song idea will appear to magically fall out of thin air while I casually mess around with my guitar. As Noel Gallagher likes to call it: "going fishing". You pick up your guitar and just strum away. Some days you may catch something special, other days (most days) nothing at all. With Lonely Star, in particular, I had just listened to Coldplay's track, "All I Can Think About Is You", and I was very inspired to write a song with a similar structure. I loved how the song hovered around the root note while slowly progressing over time. Inspired by that style, I started recording multiple layers of guitar over a constant root note. From there it all fell together seamlessly. I then recorded myself singing whatever phrase came to mind. "Oh, she's a lonely star" popped out. At the time, I didn't know what it meant, but as I started diving deeper into the lyrics, words and phrases started connecting like solving a puzzle. I tend to mostly write lyrics this way where I'll record myself singing phrases subconsciously, finding meaning in them later on.

You take on inspiration from the likes of U2 and Coldplay. Are there any other musical influences that you have, which have shaped the way that you create?

I'm probably a top contender for being one of the biggest Oasis fans. I'm also very influenced by The Beatles, Radiohead, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Hozier, and Hans Zimmer just to name a few. I'm very drawn to larger than life cinematic pieces of music. The kind of music that takes you on an epic and emotional journey leaving you invigorated much like watching a movie, reading a book, or playing a video game.

What is your reasoning for the re-release of, “Lonely Star (remastered)”? Is this something that you think other artists should be embracing more?

Upon recently, I started working with my friend who is a very talented mastering engineer. After hearing the difference in quality he was able to add to my songs, I quickly decided that a re-release was the right move. Also, by releasing my songs closer together, it creates some momentum for promoting the upcoming EP.

With a various amount of unreleased songs to the public, what can your audience expect in terms of releases this year?

Expect to hear a lot more from me! Lonely Star is the second of 3 singles that will be released on my first EP coming out in March. The third single will be a song called "Numbers" that features a music video of me walking through the grand canyon. The EP will feature 4 original songs, as well as a cover/remix of the classic 'House Of The Rising Sun'. After that, I'll be working towards a second EP release this year. I'll be posting updates and information on all my releases via social media! Also, I'll be performing live stream concerts every Saturday at 9 PM EST with my brother, Evan, on Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube live. On the stream, we play original music, unreleased music, as well as covers. The streams have been an incredible way of engaging with our fans. Follow me on my socials and I'll see you on the live stream!


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