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Bleeker Blends Emotion With Heat In New Single, “Make It Better”

Coming in hot from Ontario, Canada, JUNO and Canadian Radio Music Award-nominated alternative-rock band Bleeker drops a powerful new anthem with their latest single, "Make It Better."

Bleeker consists of brothers Taylor and Cole Perkins, Mike Van Dyk, and Chris Dimas. After the success of their debut album, Erase You, Bleeker landed a JUNO nomination for Breakthrough Group of the Year, not to mention owning stages alongside icons like Sublime with Rome, The Struts, Rise Against, Airborne, Papa Roach, and Billy Talent.

More recently, Bleeker slapped our speakers with what might be their most impactful release to date. Taylor Perkins explains how "Make It Better" was "written as a 'thrill is gone' kind of vibe...when you can't find the zest for life like you once could before, it's at that moment you realize you need someone to help."

The new single isn't the band's only announcement. Kicking off on January 26th, Bleeker will be supporting The Trews on their House Of Ill Fame Anniversary Tour. Be sure to get your tickets.

Jumping into "Make It Better," this banger was produced by Brian Moncarz (The Tea Party, Alice Cooper, Our Lady Peace) and pumps open with heavy drums and an equally heavy atmosphere that activates your stank face in the best way possible. This anthemic powerhouse blasts our speakers on the hook with electrifying vocals and sharp instrumentation for maximum impact.

Although the sonic experience is exhilarating, Bleeker brings forward a more intense subject matter, discussing themes of watching yourself slip away and pleading for someone to help pick up the pieces. But, alas, Bleeker infused the song with an irresistible sound and feel, making it the ultimate pump-up anthem.

Are you feeling down and out? Feast your ears on what might be Bleeker's best track yet. Find "Make It Better" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BUZZ, Bleeker! We're thrilled to discuss your massive new single, "Make It Better." What personal moments or experiences inspired you to create this song?

That would be a mix of self-reflection and observation. We all have these moments where we see ourselves or others around us evolve or change, often unintentionally. Make It Better is about realizing your sense of self is slipping away bit by bit; you want to stop it, but you know to stop it, you’ll need help. While it’s got a thrill-is-gone vibe, we wanted a positive sense of empowerment. It's ok not to be ok, and you can turn it around by looking for or accepting help. 

What was your experience collaborating with producer Brian Moncarz for "Make It Better?” Was this your first time working together?

It was great! We’ve known Brian for a long time as friends, and we have worked together in the past. He produced an album for us before we changed our name to Bleeker. Brian is a great producer. Chris Dimas, our drummer, mixed this track and several on the album, and we are really happy with all of it.

You mentioned that "Make It Better" was written with a 'thrill is gone' vibe in mind. How do you approach writing about such personal themes while keeping the track so energetic and powerful?

For the most part, we’ve always included personal themes. It’s important to us that the songs feel authentic. Make It Better has more personal emotion written into it, and it's meant to be powerful and hopefully empowering. Others on the record are intentionally a little more lighthearted. We wanted to create an album that offers more than one tone.

How does "Make It Better" stand out from your previous releases? What makes this song unique to you?

It’s us returning to a heavier sound we were raised and started on. The album has a mix of tastes, but I’d say on the whole, it leans heavier, and grittier, yet still very melodic and catchy throughout.

Which cities are you most excited to play on The Trews' House Of Ill Fame Anniversary Tour? Should we expect to hear "Make It Better" on the setlist?

We haven’t toured since all the lockdowns, so I can honestly say we are excited to play all of them. We’ve played at all but one of the venues on the tour in the past and have great memories from each. Make It Better is in the setlist; we expect it will be at least for the rest of the year. That’s our veiled way to hint at several more shows to be announced soon for the rest of the year.


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