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Blessed Speaks Truth And Inspiration In “I Love Myself”

Blessed Eye is an eclectic and confident new artist from South Africa. His upbeat and light hearted tracks set him apart from the grit in today’s music industry. Unapologetic and completely authentic, Blessed Eye has been making music since he was 12 years old in his bedroom. His mother was a little torn at first, but now she’s his number one fan. Spreading a positive message of love and self acceptance puts Blessed Eye on the map in a big way.

Newly released Early June 2019, “I Love Myself” (feat AB Crazy) boasts a confidence and swagger that's evident in the titled. Upbeat and addicting, Blessed spits verses about his haters and how much he doesn’t care about what they think, because he knows he’s better. His flawless flow and tireless ambition sets him apart from other lame that criticizes him. Blessed spits bar after bar of his authentic truth. His speed and timing is perfectly fused with the catchy melody of “I Love Myself”. This track features a modern hip-hop sound with an upbeat and light hearted melody. Blessed tells the story of his success and confidence through addicting lyricism and smooth delivery and we’re loving it.

I love music, I love myself and I got love for everybody.


Keep up with this up and coming artist and check out “I Love Myself” here. Keep scrolling for an exclusive interview with Blessed Eye.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? What was your upbringing into music like?

Blessed is a rapper,producer, drummer, photographer ,poet and writer. Born in Zim and raised in South Africa ,mother(Tswana) father (Zulu). His influence for music came from literally any music genre he listened to. He was born in a Christian family, so some melodies and spiritual rhythms got stuck in his mind .

Although growing up as a teen ,he didn't get much support from this parents as they were old fashioned and believed talent never paid bills .So he had limited time for his music especially in primary school, where he discovered his talent. But it took time for it to register in his mind ,although he kept writing, he thought it was just for fun .

There was a time his mother walked in his room ,found him writing a song,she said she wishes he loves school the way he loves music .At that point he was about 12,too young to know what to say to make her understand but he never stopped.

He'd sneak out with a backpack, tell the folks he's going for her study group while going for rehearsals. Music became his life.

Is there any artists that inspire you or influence your sound?

Inspiration is fascinating when it comes to Blessed ,because he never had someone he listened to everyday that could have influenced or changed his music but growing up ,he liked listening to Akon ,then moved to likes of Kendrick Lamar,J Cole and Tobe Nwigwe .

Most of his music is driven from life experiences. Everything he went through, he wrote down. So his music is like a timeline of his life because every song has a moment,meaning, location and feeling. Its Beautiful really.

What’s the Hip-Hop scene like where you’re from in South Africa?

Well ,currently the hip hop scene here in South Africa is really growing ,better than the 90s. The industry keeps getting bigger,different sounds introduced ,different people , and local artists are starting to collaborate with international artists but there's always those who don't make sense but that's another scene.

Tell us more about your track “I Love Myself”

The iceberg The story behind I Love myself is intriguing .So last month me and my brother/partner Billz finished buying our studio equipment. Everything was looking up ,then Siy(friend)stumbled on a post on Facebook saying if you are an upcoming rapper in Capetown and want to make a track with Ab Crazy contact us. So Siy told us about it ,then we contacted the guy. He told us what was needed and there was a fee for the feature since the song is fully mine .Two days went by we managed to get a few bucks ,last money we had we put it on the feature. We took the opportunity. Africanation. 

The session with Ab was great,it was more than just recording and going separate ways. We had conversations, shared information, developed a relationship. He was really fond of me and the message in the track.

So I would say it was a great experience.

What was the writing process like?

The writing experience is always easy .As soon as my mind pin points were the song is supposed to hit ,how its supposed to feel and the message behind it,everything else falls into place. I was happy with myself firstly. I didn't look at my situation and complain or cry about what's going wrong or right.,I was just happy with myself. I made sure I felt the love I have for myself for it to affect others.

It was released on my birthday, no other day better than my birthday, to release a track called I love myself .

My music will shake nations ,will build nations and bring life where there's no life.

I am Blessed I am Art.


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