Joey Stuckey is known as the blind artist with an insightful vision.  His vast range knowledge when it comes to production and music creation is 2nd only to his musical abilities and phenomenal stage presence.  We enjoyed getting to know Joey a bit more.  

What was the last show you attended that wasn't your own?


I’ll answer this question in three ways.

The very last show was a Broadway show while the band was on tour in NYC. It was “Book of Mormon” and it was amazing. Right before that I saw one of my favorite comedians, Iliza Shlesinger,in fact, I had to have a complete shoulder replacement last year and my wife Jennifer reached out to her and Iliza sent me a personal message and I even got to meet her after her show in Atlanta—what a wonderful and funny person! Finally, I saw a totally musical act, the Foo Fighters.

Who are your top 3 new/ modern bands?


WOW, so hard to pick just three LOL.

I like, in no particular order:

Austin Collins and the RainBirds, HER, and lovin’ the new album by The Raconteurs, who played Coney Island Baby the night after we did on our NYC tour back in June—cool, huh?

What is the greatest misconception about being a blind musician?


 LOL—it’s actually really funny. Thanks to Ronny Milsap, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles, everybody expects you to play piano if you’re a blind musician. I am a guitar player. It always makes me laugh when someone asks, “Will you come play piano at our event?”