Blind Eyez Sings From the Heart in, "The Way You Left Me"

From Newark, New Jersey, the evolving hip-hop artist, singer-songwriter, and rapper Blind Eyez expands on a difficult situation with his latest emotional single, "The Way You Left Me."

Making the transition of a lifetime through his music career, Blind Eyez went from winning a backyard hip-hop competition in front of Lakin Shabazz to opening for the renowned stylings of Kid Ink. Elaborating on his upbringing and life's many experiences through his meaningful bars, Blind Eyez invites us to get to know him better by way of each thorough release.

Leaving us in a trance with his latest single, "The Way You Left Me," Blind Eyez offers a more melodic and emotional side to contemporary hip-hop while merging the sonics with organic guitars to make for an even more compelling and moving listening experience. Not to mention his incredibly meaningful and emotional bars, Blind Eyez allows any listener to find a piece of themselves through this piece.

Jumping into "The Way You Left Me," the track opens with a shimmering electric guitar that melts into the overall emotionally charged beat. As Blind Eyez begins to serenade us with his smooth and warm vocals, he later expands on the state he was in when someone left his side while reminding us to keep our heads held high during emotional turmoil.

We can't help but hear many sonic and vocal similarities to Juice WRLD, as Blind Eyez wears his heart on his sleeve to bring the listener deeper into his relatable emotions surrounding post-breakup tribulations. As the song begins to fade out, Blind Eyez makes the experience all the more powerful through his vibrant performance, leaving us chanting his lyrics from beginning to end.

Lose yourself in the melodic and emotional tones of Blind Eyez's latest single, "The Way You Left Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMuisc, Blind Eyez, we're truly enamored with the overall compelling listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "The Way You Left Me." What inspired the emotional lyrical content within this piece?

Just drawing from all my experiences. I focused on that sexual tension that builds up between two people at the beginning of the song and slowly transitioned to an emotional connection and then ended with the separation and the lost feeling felt when things don't work out. We've all been through that, right? Did you work solo on your songwriting process for "The Way You Left Me?" Was it easy for you to be so personal and open during your songwriting process? I worked solo during the actual writing process but I worked with my frequent collaborator, DJ Denz the Rooster on the actual recording of it. I like being open and personal in my songwriting, it makes it interesting and I can connect with people that way. That's the point of music and actually writing it, you can let off your chest what you've been feeling--that large weight that seems to weigh infinity. It feels good. Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating the sonic atmosphere and feel for your single, "The Way You Left Me?" What was the overall vibe you were going for regarding the production? Well, DJ Denz created the beat and sampled the Fantasia song "When I See You" and it just set the mood. When I wrote the hook I wanted to write something that stood out, something that sounded different. I threw in a glissando (did I mention I studied music theory for a long time? Haha) to start off the hook, when I fell off the note when I'm singing "Baby I know!" But artistically, I subconsciously drew on Wiz Khalifa a bit for this. He's done plenty of hooks with the layered vocals in plenty of his earlier albums. We were going for the lovey-dovey vibe with a bounce to it, you know?

Did you work with any producers or session musicians when creating the sonics for "The Way You Left Me?" What was the behind-the-scenes process like? Usually Denz (a super talented producer) and I come together and make plenty of stuff from scratch. For this particular track, he had this beat stashed when he was making a bunch of beats with this vibe. Beats like this just talk to me, so we vibed for a while in the studio to it and I told him "I'm got something for this, lemme take this!"