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Bllackcat Fuses Different Genres to Create the New Single “Black Goat Trail”

Bllackcat is not your average artist. Influenced by punk, hip hop, and Metalcore acts of the 2000s. Bllackcat blends different genres that keep his listeners unsure of what’s next to come. This is a noticeable trait in the latest release of his single “Black Goat Trail''.

“Black Goat Trail” begins with a soft melodic introduction that reminds you of the likes of soft rock before the acoustics progress, and the music becomes more rhythmic, adding a hip-hop combination to the instrumentation. Bllackcat delivery was subdued, which was a sound that’s fresh and new when it comes to urban music. The interesting fusion of both hip-hop & punk rock showcases the new subgenre for the culture of rap. However, we don’t like to categorize “Black Goat Trail” in any specific genre due to its authenticity. We loved the climaxing energy at the beginning of the song. It added a level of light suspense and unpredictability to the single. “Black Goat Trail” is the epitome of a great underground single. The passion is evident in his conviction, while the staccato projection of his intricate wordplay keeps you at a consistent adrenaline rush. “Black Goat Trail '' is an underground classic, but only time will tell if Bllackcat can take his career to the next level. The probability of this is looking much more bright.

Listen to "Black Goat Trail", here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BllackCat! Knowing you’re heavily influenced by a vast range of different genres and styles, how were you able to cultivate your own unique sound?

Thank you so much for having me, and I really appreciate that. Since I started making music, I’ve been trying to mix elements of Metal, Rock, and Hardcore in different ways on each track. There are certain songs that are straight down to the core Rock, and others that are pure Trap/Hip-Hop, or both. As for runtime, I personally don’t really listen to long songs, so I tend to keep my music short and concise. It’s weird because I never really wanted to have my own style so I’d never be limited by anything or anyone, you know? However, it doesn’t always work that way, it’s inevitable once you find your own niche as an artist.

Let’s talk about your song “Black Goat Trail”, what were your intentions with this single? What was the main concept for the song?

So “black goat trail” originally just began as a trap guitar beat, and I would just play it over and over again for days. I knew I wanted to do something different than the last three tracks that dropped. One day I was rewatching the movie “The VVitch”, which is one of my favorite movies honestly, definitely watch it if you haven’t seen it, it’s amazing. Anyway, in this movie, the devil is posing as this family’s black goat and he’s trying to corrupt their moralities and torture them. In the sense of the song, however, the black goat is still representing the devil but the trail is the place where he resides in your mind.

Knowing you’re an immaculate songwriter, can you describe to us your songwriting approach when creating “Black Goat Trail”? In what way does the song title reflect its theme?

When you’re walking on the Black Goat Trail, you’re observing yourself in your own personal hell. When you start running, you’re falling, and once you start, you never stop falling. So in writing the song, I tried to stick to the subject matter as best as I could without straying away from my original intent. The hook is describing the sights, sounds, and smells experienced by the character going throughout the trail. The verse is showing us this character living in his own personal hell, what he is experiencing and how he reacts to the new environment. Towards the end, the character feels the inevitable acceptance and realizes that he will never leave this place.

Have you noticed any major growth in your artistry since your first release of “D3VIL”? In what ways have you developed as an artist?

What’s crazy is that sometimes I’ll go back and listen to it and it’s like the first time I’m hearing it all over again. If I could go back and tell myself all these tips and tricks I learned with production and vocals and all that, I feel like that song could sound so much cleaner. I think I’ve gotten much better at rapping then I was before. Early on, I would sing the whole song, and after I finished it, I would freestyle a rap verse for it. These days, I tend to do most songs all the way through unless they need something like additional vocals or melodies. You never really think about it but a lot can change in a year. That hook for “D3VIL” still slaps though.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I’m currently working on a music video for “black goat trail”, dropping on April 10th, and it’s gonna be the first-ever music video that we put out. We’re going to be dropping new singles every month on the Soundcloud page as per usual. We also have merch on the way, and stickers already did. Literally the designs are so sick, I’m so excited for everyone to see them. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, our online shop will be up and running and I can show everyone. I also want to put out one or two new projects before the year ends, but we’ll see where it takes us. Thank you all so much for this opportunity, I really appreciate y’all and this won’t be the last you hear of me.



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