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Blvck Sun Blesses Us With New Single "On The Daily"

Blvck Sun is an artist who knows the type of music he wants to make and how he wants to be interpreted by his listeners. He’s aiming to curate ‘feel good’ music that could be timeless and memorable. He released his single titled “On The Daily” that has a euphoric and vibrant beat with an effortless flow that weaves the line between trendy yet individualistic. He has a slight J. Cole vibe to him which I personally find to be a great appeal due to how J.Cole constantly creates good music with great lyrical content. Artists like Blvck Sun and records like “On The Daily” is a representation of the meaning “Make music, not songs” (except it’s not an actual phrase, just something I created that I believe should be an actual denotation). And, to expand the idea more, he spends his time creating such a sound that leaves lasting effects on his listeners. Perfected melody, perfected bars, and a perfected beat. The whole purpose of making music is to deliver us an ageless bop we can jam out to years later, instead of making songs with limited to no effort that’s only hot for the minute but has no extravagant flavor to it. Blvck Sun in no doubt is the artist who leaves an imprint on his listeners.

Give a listen to Blvck Sun's "On The Daily" here, and scroll down for the inside scoop on the artist's inspirations!


So where are you from Blvck Sun? How was your upbringing?

I was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. Parents were divorced. Mom was big on education. She worked really hard to get her Ph.D in Phycology My dad was an entrepreneur that owned and ran several businesses. Having these two influences taught me to be educated and also taught me that it was possible to work for yourself and still make a living. Another big influence on my child hood was where I went to school. I went from the first half of my life going to all black schools to in 7th grade moved out to the suburbs and all of a sudden I was in a predominately white school which changed and shaped the way I look at the world today.

 Is “On The Daily” your first release?

My first release was a song I put out called “Hangover Music” I have another single called “Lit” That seemed to be a real fan favorite and I also Released my first full project “2 Tales 2 Stories” back in October. 

How was the production of the visual for "On The Daily"?  

The production on the “On The Daily” visual was amazing.  Two of my best friends where in the video to complete the concept and Even though each character in the video is different they all represent a piece of me and the experiences I’ve been through to shape the person I am today.

 Do you have any music inspirations who inspired your artistic vision for timeless music like your single “On The Daily”?

My real life is what I use to inspire timeless music. Speaking from experiences and things I have actually been through gives it a relatable-ness that all music must have to withstand the test of time. If I had to give other artists that have inspired me musically I would have to say Kanye (especially his older works) Jay-Z  J. Cole also some Wale who doesn’t get enough credit for his abilities. 

What else can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect more great music more ideas that challenge what we know about music. I am developing new outlets for artists to be able to express themselves in other ways and also developing ways for people to get to know me as a person outside of the music. 


Connect with Blvck Sun on his Instagram and Twitter!


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