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Bobby Pinson Takes Us Back In Time With A New Single, “The Shave”

Grammy-nominated, chart-topping country recording artist and singer-songwriter Bobby Pinson returns to his solo craft after 15 years with the heartfelt release of his new single, "The Shave."

Bobby Pinson has written over thirty Top 40 hits for acts like Toby Keith, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, and many more. The Grammy-nominated artist last released a solo project 15 years ago, the album Man Like Me. Now, Pinson is back and better than ever, with new songs and performances to come.

Each of his songs delivers real-life situations, personal mantras, and a profound examination of the human condition, all brought to life in his recent single, "The Shave." It's a wholesome and heartfelt listening experience inspired by the true story of his relationship with his father.

Beginning our journey into "The Shave," the song opens with soft acoustic guitar melodies that drift into Bobby Pinson's soothing first verse. His warm vocals start to express memories of his father, growing up, and learning his way around the razor. The song's lush hook reminds us to take our time and remember that we're not in a hurry.

As we move through this gentle piece, Bobby Pinson takes us through teenage memories with his father and later into adulthood. Pinson's lyrics are bound to pull on your heartstrings; he describes the final moments with his father and repeats the advice his father preached, take your time, and remember that you're not in a hurry.

Find all the tender emotion, heart, and love you've been looking for with Bobby Pinson's personal and heartfelt reintroduction to the music scene, "The Shave," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bobby Pinson. We're truly impressed with your storytelling abilities and emotional songwriting in your recent single, "The Shave." What inspired you to write such a personal father-son song?

“The Shave” is a very personal and very powerful song that was a part of my healing and mourning process months before the world heard it. I was standing by the side of my dad‘s hospital bed, he couldn’t talk because he had a ventilator in. The toughest man I knew was laying there helpless, nearing the end of a long fight. His eyes were so clear and childlike, as if it was 20 years ago. If you’ve ever had anybody tell you they love you without words, it’s the most humbling thing you could go through. I’m standing there watching my life flash before my dad‘s eyes. He kept looking over at his hospital tray, and I asked him what he needed. He nodded towards his shaving kit, and I picked it up and found myself standing there, about to shave the man that taught me how to shave. It took a couple of years to heal enough to be able to hurt enough to write “The Shave.”

Why did you choose to release "The Shave" as your first single after a 15-year solo career break? Why did you want this song to mark your big return?

After my record-makin’ days at RCA ended, I was pretty butt hurt and disenchanted, and I had zero desire to try to keep making “vanity records” just to feel like I was still working as a recording artist. As my songwriting career started taking off, I began focusing less on making my own music at a time when having a record deal with a major label was the only way to have your songs on the radio, and radio was all that mattered! The game has changed now with the onset of streaming, and access to my key demographic of 25 - 65-year-old men has increased considerably now that everyone can DJ their own party. I think all high-quality music deserves a chance to be heard regardless of genre and style. As a writer, I try to present the best song I can come up with that works in a particular market. It’s simply a matter of art and commerce. As an artist, I simply want to make somebody call someone and say, “Have you heard ‘The Shave'?”

What was your songwriting process like for "The Shave?" Was it emotionally challenging to think back to cherished memories and make them into a cohesive song?

It took me a good little bit to make sure I was emotionally able to open this wound back up and describe it to other folks in a way that would heal them, as it did me. Sometimes as a writer of commercial songs, it’s easy to fall into the trap of plugging puzzle pieces into a commercially viable format and end up missing opportunities to affect someone. “The Shave” is a song that required time and patience with me as I tried to tap into emotions that were difficult to dig up. But I knew if I could describe my story in a way that would heal me, then others would possibly be able to use my painting for their pictures and my pain for their healing.

What do you want listeners to take away from your personal and honest lyrics in "The Shave?"

“The Shave” isn’t about “shaving“ any more than Rocky was about boxing, and it’s not so much about losing someone as much as it is about loving them while you have them.

What's next for you?

“The Shave'' is the first single of a three-year-long project where I’ll be releasing a new six-song EP every six months. There'll be a featured single released in conjunction with each BP-EP (Bobby Pinson EP). I’m not only proud to be putting out tons of great new music in the coming months, but I’m also very excited to get back out on the road and start touring again as direct support for Aaron Lewis starting in October of 2022.


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