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Bobby's Cane Offers Heat as the Days Get Colder With Their Fiery EP, "Overgrown"

Hailing from Vancouver, the four-piece Rock band Bobby's Cane drops their gut-wrenching EP titled 'Overgrown.'

Led by Bobby Jeboult, although blind, he's continuously leading the group towards greatness while backed up by the band's core being Aaron David, Joel Bourque, and Nic Campagna.

Dropping their latest EP, 'Overgrown, Bobby's Cane captures irresistible hard-hitting tunes rounded out with groovy elements that naturally take us by surprise. 

With the EP's intro track "Big Smoke," Bobby's Cane jumps in with power and might through Aaron David's scorching lead guitar, an equally heated bassline from Nic Campagna, and Joel Bourque's lively and forceful rhythm.

While Bobby Jeboult sings a treacherous story of lies and deceit from someone he once loved, listeners tune in with their full attention to not only find a relatable message but lose themselves in the band's vigorous delivery.

Switching up the rhythm around the fiery hook, Bobby's Cane swells the song with the inner-animosity that's held towards someone who did the boys wrong. From the very first track, Bobby's Cane locks us into their EP, leaving us wanting more.

Ripping through the project with their second banger "Floodgates," Bobby's Cane opens the track with a nostalgic 90s feel through their grunge-inspired alt-rock instrumentation.

While Bobby Jeboult begins singing his first verse surrounding the dazed and confused sensation he feels, the sweltering hook swiftly appears with the band's entire instrumentation that thumps down through the punchy rhythm guitar and Joel Bourque's dynamic drum patterns.

While the verse returns, we love the minimal instrumentation through Nic Campagna's plucky bassline. This track feels like pent up energy and emotion released, merely through Bobby's Cane's passionate and forceful delivery.

Moving on to the EP's third track "Don't Do It Again," Bobby's Cane powers through with brilliant and intricate instrumentals to set the song's reflective yet heated tone. While Bobby Jeboult begins singing with grit and passion through his raspy voice's natural texture, he tells a story of feeling hesitant to fall back into the same cycle with a past partner.

We love the band's rhythmic switch-ups leading from the verse to the blazing hook, led by Joel Bourque's intricate drum patterns; he truly adds incredible depth to the song and project through each gripping kick and snare. Not to mention the beast of a bridge featuring Aaron David's whaling electric guitar, the track brings vast momentum that must be met with the next song. 

Sending us into Rock n Roll's celestials with the next track "Get You High," Bobby's Cane sets out an irresistible and intoxicating groove through their brilliant bluesy alt-rock instrumentation. As Bobby Jeboult begins singing a tale of the Rock n Roll lifestyle and letting one too many groupies follow him back home, Bobby's Cane perfectly supports his vivid lyricism and places us right into the lifestyle's exhilarating atmosphere.

We love the soul and passion that Bobby's Cane exudes within this sultry and groovy tune, and we must note how this track adds surreal depth to the EP through the song's unique rhythm and intriguing instrumentals that leave our jaws on the floor.

Tearing the EP to shreds with the last track "Excited," Aaron David's layered guitar opens the song with power. While his scorching lead guitar overpowers the initial muffled rhythm guitar, Bobby Jeboult makes his way in and begins to describe his excitement towards an emotional experience that he hasn't encountered in quite some time.

While Joel Bourque's soul-sucking drum patterns back up the song with boundless energy, he also leaves this needed space for the surrounding instrumentals to breathe and flow with Jeboult's concept. While Nic Campagna's blistering bassline and Aaron David's gripping guitar continues to storm through the piece, Bobby's Cane comes together to end the EP with a bang through the band's vast energy and enthusiasm.

We couldn't be more appreciative of a hi-fi rock EP like 'Overgrown,' as Bobby's Cane picks us up out of our everyday blues and drops us in the midst of heat with each intricate instrumental and descriptive storyline. 

Listen to 'Overgrown,' here.


What an in-depth experience you've created with your flaming EP, "Overgrown." What initially inspired the concept and creation of the project? Much appreciated! We are thrilled that it has turned out the way it sounds. We started coming up with a number of hard-hitting songs that were really coming together when we were playing live, and just felt like we needed to capture them. The name “Overgrown” was inspired by us growing as musicians separately and together. It's a reminder to ourselves that we need to be constantly maturing and moving forward. We noticed that your EP 'Overgrown' captures rather reflective and somewhat troubling concepts. What was the band's songwriting process like when formulating your lyricism regarding the different kinds of turmoil we can feel? All of the lyrics are taken from Bobby’s real-life experiences, both good and bad. “They are an interpretation of how I felt during those times. Like any lyrics, they can have different meanings for different listeners but mainly derive from specific events.” As an example, the song “Get You High” touches on substance abuse and the troubles dealing with it, but also how music can be a healthy substitute to mitigate those troubles. The instrumentals within your entire EP "Overgrown" are genuinely stimulating. When creating your instrumentals for each piece, how did the band go about reflecting lyrical concepts within your sonic delivery, and matching the lyrical atmosphere? Our writing process is usually the reverse order, with the instrumentation being written first and the lyrics will come after. Once we have the general idea of the feel of the song, Bobby will take a lyrical concept that suits the music and from there will expand it to fit the song. They are all songs that are riveting to perform so we are enthused that it sounds that way to the listener. Seeing as your EP "Overgrown" captures five high energy and intense tracks, why did you choose to keep the project so lively instead of adding some ballads that you're known for as well? As we briefly mentioned, we compiled a set of songs that had a driver behind them when playing them live and noticed that they invoked an extremely positive response from the audiences we were performing to. The ballads are good and add dynamics (you can’t be running at full throttle non-stop) but we also don’t want to write the same song twice and didn’t want to make anything that would feel redundant or rehashed. Within your EP 'Overgrown,' is there a particular track that stands out for your band? Do you guys have a specific favorite, and why? We all agree that "Don’t Do it Again" is our favorite. It is the most fun to play and we worked hard at making the recording sound as raw and as close to the live sound as possible. For Bobby, the lyrics touch on a very personal matter. The solo is Aaron’s favorite to play and most proud of. Aaron adds, “Our Engineer & Producer Matt at Echoplant Studio did a great job at pushing me to play past my limits to get that performance.”All in all, we feel that it is hard to find the weakest link out of the songs, they are some of our best and we are extremely excited to have them be received by listeners.

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