Bolshiee Haunts Us With New Single "where the money go"

Coming to us from Los Angeles, California, is Bolshiee, also known as Kate Bolshakova, a Luxembourg-born Songstress & Actress.

Bolshiee is creating vocally focused alternative tinged pop music that details the internal struggles we face daily. Bolshiee sings with a delicate deadliness on her latest release "where the money go". Her voice is draped in cascading auras and haunting vocalizations.

Her heavenly voice is a dubbed over with a dark and corrupt sound embedded into the background that plays on a good vs evil supposition. You are so memorized by the ghostly, tip-toeing lyrics, that when the pulsating, scraping beat shifts into play your senses are immediately heightened.

The deep and darkly stirring chorus leaves the listener with a sense of abandonment and hopelessness, "Where can you go when you don't have a place that feels like home, and "What can you do when everybody's given up on you." Bolshiee's extraordinary ability to create lyrics that insight inflection while sung with an impeccable ear for melody gives sharpness to her artistry.

We were hypnotized by Bolshiee's pleasant harmonies and dark messaging presented on her latest hit "where the money go". If you haven't listened to it yet, get that corrected today.

Hello Bolshiee, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We were haunted and awestruck by your latest release "where the money go." Can you tell us a bit more about the song and how you wanted listeners to feel after listening to the song? Thank you very much! "where the money go?" is the opening track to my debut EP "In Another Lifetime (B-Sides)". The song gives a perspective into a different side of the world, touching upon loneliness, values, and humanity. The song can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the lens through which the observer chooses to listen to the song. If the song can get the listener to think or if it arouses any type of feeling/emotional response, then I did my job. 

Being a singer and actor, are you able to infuse techniques from acting into your music? "where the money go" has such a mood in its atmosphere. Do you "get into character" when performing a song? I'm a very visual person and use a lot of imagery in my songwriting to create lyrical emotions. Music and cinema have been the core of my being and artistic avenue for my self-expression for as long as I can remember. I love merging both worlds and I especially focused on doing so for "where the money go?" and the rest of the "In Another Lifetime (B-Sides)" EP. The songs are very cinematic and while writing these lyrics and melodies I was chasing a feeling, envisioning them being part of movies, which was the guiding force of the creative process. These songs are slightly different in sound from what my audience's heard me release so far but I’m very proud of these stories and I know they will resonate with my listeners. 

Your sound is fresh and modern, where have you drawn musical influence from you feel has shaped your sound? To be honest, I'm not quite sure what really inspired my sound or my musical direction. If you looked at my videos from 2012 or so, busking and posting youtube covers (now thankfully 'private'), I definitely had no idea what I was doing or where I was going with it, I was simply enjoying making music. With time, everything just fell into place. 

What does the songwriting process look like for you? What in life hits you with inspiration to put pen to paper?

Life experiences, my own feelings, and emotions, as well as, relationships I have with people, inspire me the most. My lyrics are my unspoken thoughts and the depths of myself that I don't share in my day to day life; I use music to express how I'm feeling deep down and what goes on inside my head.