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Bonded Jacky Incorporates A Charismatic Indie-Pop Flair In “Stacy’s Mom”

Maddie Ballard, who performs under the music alias, Bonded Jacky, is a queer, LA-Based musician and songwriter, a gangly girl with unmistakable schoolboy energy.

BondedJacky's moniker comes from the nautical term meaning sweet cake or tobacco, which is perfectly absurd. Her goal is to free others and herself through her music and provide an authentic voice for the queer community.

As soon as we tune into Bonded Jacky's latest rendition of Fountains of Wayne's hit single "Stacy's Mom," we know this record isn't your typical cover song.

The breezy instrumentation trickles through the speakers with an upbeat yet delicate pop sound backing it. Elusive synths dance upon a musical foundation that caresses Bonded Jacky's striking lulling cascades.

Incorporating the warmth of acoustic guitar strums and persuasive percussion patterns as the chorus takes off, Bonded Jacky finds a way to emanate her unique styling while contrasting with the original version's familiarity and witty trademark.

The effortless strut that shines from Bonded Jacky's persona accompanies her throughout this thought-provoking and curiosity-feeding interpretation. It's as if she knows she's blown it out of the water yet nonchalantly surfs through your speakers in cool girl fashion.

This indie-pop meets alternative bop has us feeling a new series of feelings as we're reintroduced to "Stacy's Mom." From the harmonized background vocals to the sustaining and reverberated guitar solo we all know and love – Bonded Jacky has finessed this track to embody her fortified persona. Vowing never again to put herself in a box, Bonded Jacky forever lives in the gray area, fueled by contradiction and freed by uncertainty. Listen to "Stacy's Mom" today on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bonded Jacky, and congratulations on releasing the impressive rendition of "Stacy's Mom." There's no denying that this song is a huge hit in pop culture. What moment or story inspired you to cover it and add your flair?

“Stacy’s Mom” was released 20 years ago this year, so I really wanted to see if it still held up, but through a queer lens, and I think it does!

The vocal layers in this song are indeed to die for! Is this a Bonded Jacky twist that we can always expect? Please share a glimpse into the production.

Vocal layering is definitely a Bonded Jacky staple. I love creating a whole world within a song, and I feel like layered vocals are my favorite way to do that. I made this record with Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun Studios (the most magical place in the world). Alex was encouraging and challenged me to do wacky harmonies with this. We had a lot of fun. On the song's last line, there’s a really, really low harmony, and Alex was like, “Maddie, can you sing as low as possible?” And I was shy at first, and then somehow, this demon possessed me, and I growled out of the line. We were cracking up.

What was it like tapping into the headspace if re-creating this song? Did the creative process differ from the one you adopted when creating an original?

I didn’t make a demo of “Stacy’s Mom” prior to going into the studio, which is rare for me. I usually come into the studio with a fully-formed arrangement, but since this was already written musically, all I knew was I wanted to slow it down, make it queer, and add some twang. Sheryl Crow's incredible cover of Post Malone’s “Circles” inspired this cover. It came together really easily, which was such an incredible feeling. It was a positive collaboration between me, Alex, and our sound engineer, Lawson. There was also a very sweet dog roaming the studio that day, which contributed to the vibe—one of my favorite days of making music.

The basis of your upcoming EP encapsulates the universal tendency to hide our imperfections and present a "cooler" version of ourselves out of fear of rejection. What else can you tell us about it?

When I first meet someone and really like them, I find myself holding back parts of myself that may change their mind about me. I put on a quiet and mysterious front when in reality, I’m an absolute goof. I’m really trying to lead with that vulnerable and playful side of myself and not save it for later. My favorite people in the world are unabashedly themselves at all times.

What's next for you?

My EP, ‘Cool People Don’t Exist,’ comes out February 15th!! I’m so stoked to have it out in the world. I also have many live shows this year, some solo and some with a full band!

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