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BoogieMadeoff Drops A Fire Comeback Single, "MODELS & BOTTLES"

BoogieMadeoff took a five-year break from the rap game to handle personal business and regenerated his passion to start making music again because of how unimpressed he was with the music that was coming out of the Bay Area. He went to the legendary producer Traxamillion (before he passed on) to get it his career up and running again. The first record that came out was "MODELS & BOTTLES" featuring Clyde Carson.

BoogieMadeoff brings the heat to the Bay Area with his smash rap record "MODELS & BOTTLES." It's a certified speaker knocker, expressing to us how fuelled he felt after hearing the rest of the music coming out of his area.

The video starts with Clyde Carson rapping about his life experiences growing up, saying that he had gone through things that aren't for the weak-hearted. He touches on how he's "deep in the belly of the beast," how in the heart of the ghetto they are and how all they can reach for is the money, especially when you grow up with your "stomach touching."

In the second half of the video, BoogieMadeoff comes through with his energetic and sauced-out flavor. Looking bossed up, he delivers us this tightest verse showing us why he's the coldest. With his models and bottles, he flexes his talent through crispy and fresh visuals as he adds his unique flavor amongst the other recognizable stars in and around the Bay Area.

BoogieMadeoff reminds us that this is just a preview of what he's got in store for us as this single is only his first record after his 2-year hiatus to re-coupe and sharpen his blades. We're excited to hear him deliver more heat for us with the next records and visuals he releases.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BoogieMadeoff! What a real honor it is to have you with us today. How did this record come about during your sessions with the late Taximillion and how was the energy in the studio at the time you were creating this record?

This recording session was special the mere fact that I knew he was sick but he didn't know I knew so I wanted to make sure I made a hit we had a long history of making music and it always came out unique I had my daughter with me at the time she was one years old she got a chance to take a picture with him

We understand the big deal of shooting a music video and the process of crafting it can be, so how was your experience shooting this one?

Well a good friend of mine wrote the treatment collaborated with the video director on the storyboard helped me with the financial aspect of the video as far as getting the location and paying for the models and paying the director

What was the process of collaboration like with Clyde Carson and why did you choose him as your featuring artist?

Over the years I made several songs with Clyde Carson I had my verse done on the record I just need a feature so I reached out to him on IG.

And immediately returned my call the next day he drove down to San Jose and met up with me in the studio and laid his verse down. He did me a favor and re-recorded his verse for me because I got into an altercation with the engineer at the studio and they didn't give me my music files. Hearing the rest of the Bay Areas' music, what do you plan to add to the game that will make you unique from the rest? What do you feel is missing?

My style has always been unique and stood out from everyone else I can sing as well as rap I can hit all the notes from the temptations if I had to compare my style to anyone I would compare it to a CeeLo green. What do I feel it's missing o feel it's missing me and my creativity and my energy?

What's next for you?

Next is just to keep working on this record until it gets bigger plan to premiere the video on BET JAMS AND WORK THE RADIO STATIONS.

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