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Booming Alternative Artist Natalie Claro Strikes Expectations!

Songwriter, singer, producer and performer Natalie Claro has so much personality. As an artist who writes, records and produces her own tracks, she's full of authentic ideas on how to amplify her sound. If you haven't already given a listen to Natalie Claro, we highly recommend you do. Natalie will undoubtedly shock you with her rocking stage presence. It was one aspect of her personality that we didn't know she had within her! Once listening to her on stage, you feel the power and force she contains, notably within her vocal delivery. Looking back at her music career, Natalie has always been an artist that used her platform to speak on issues significant to her. Having already toured at 200 concerts over the span of 2 years, you'd think Natalie Claro would be burnt out. This definitely isn't the case, and her recent music proves it! 

Taking a look at Natalie Claro's 2019, we see that it was filled with intense and passionate vocal deliveries. One part of her 2019 that can't be overlooked is the video for "Daisy". on BalconyTV. It's when we came across this video we knew Natalie had really got that authentic artist quality to her. The talent is undeniably there. But that true star quality, the one you only seem to find once in a blue moon, is highly present in Natalie Claro. Watch the video, and you'll resonate with that feeling. Besides the fact that Natalie has mastered the rustic, raw and aggressive vocal approach, we've also realized that she has the dramatics needed for the ultimate alternative track. Her voice is full of every ounce of power she has, and so you can find it quite common for her vocal performance to stun you as a listener. There's no way that one can be fully prepared to hear the soundings of Natalie Claro. We've come to realize that there's a ton to discover on Natalie. For now, we leave our readers to ponder over the musical stylings of Natalie Claro, present in her 2019 album "Selfish Topics".

Check out Natalie Claro's sound here!


Hey Natalie! Thanks for joining us here at BuzzMusic to talk about your recent work throughout 2019. How do you feel that 2019 has treated you and your artistic career?

The entire first 6 months of 2019 were quite literally sucked up; vanished. I was so swamped with finishing my new music, redoing tracks, perfecting them, that time became an irrelevant concept after a certain point. Days began at 7 am and ended at 4 am, January became March in over a week, you get it. Many tears were shed over the stress. But I’m so thankful for every chance I get to release new music because I gain so much knowledge and experience with each song. After the release of Selfish Topics, I rebranded, changed my colors, went on tour, and made some amazing friends I’ll have for a lifetime. While 2019 was only half as long as other years for me, I still loved every bit of it. 

We watched "Daisy", and were completely blown away by how easily your passion and intensity was translated through the video. Your vocals are insane! How did you feel performing the track on BalconyTV?! What was the experience like?

Thank you so much! You can’t see me right now but I’m definitely blushing. That day was so wickedly exciting from start to finish. Being on a rooftop with a full band definitely elevated the high of performing to a new level. I’m so grateful for every person involved in making that video possible because it’s one of my favorites for life. I’m definitely going to invest more effort into live session work like that. (I’m lookin’ at you Audiotree and Sofar, hit me back!)

Your album "Selfish Topics" debuted this year! How has the aftermath of the album been since its release?

My streams and followers basically doubled. I’m still independent, so having growth purely based on my art is really comforting to me. As someone who’s in constant competition with myself, it’s a huge relief to put something out into the world and go “oh! people don’t think I’m awful, phew”. But I think that’s what makes me work as hard as I do, my motivation sprouts from my pursuit of perfection. Perfection is essentially unachievable, so that way I’ll never relax or become lazy. A foolproof system, as chaotic as it is.

Let's talk about your performances. Can you attempt to describe the connection you feel with your listeners at a live show? Do you feel your personality gets easily showcased to the crowd?

My personality is completely discarded during live shows. To the point where when I watch back videos, at times I think “WHO THE F*** IS THAT”. I think the only way I can perform without crippling stage fright is to become a wildly arrogant freak. I turn the anxiety into adrenaline. Surprisingly, it works, and they always like it. People go to a show to be screamed at. To be told to get on the ground, demanded to jump, cursed at. If I didn’t become this person I wouldn’t know how to make witty jokes or brush off voice cracks and mistakes. As for my connection with the crowd, I love feeding off their energy. If they’re sparse, awkward, or timid, I run throughout everyone and dance around the floor just to loosen them up. If they’re stretching as far as the eye can see and practically pushing each other over the barricade, I’m frozen still, staring at each person just to build suspense. I’m determined to put on a good show no matter what instance I’m facing.

200 live concerts over 2 years! Impressive. Do you handle the constant performing well? Has your music career ever taken a toll on the way you create?

I handle it fantastically I’d say. I’m an extremely energetic person, so I need an outlet to drain it all. (It’s so difficult for me to feel tired; I don’t even drink coffee.) I’ve been on a bit of a concert hiatus for the past two months while prepping for some new projects, and it’s killing me. I love when I do a run of shows and have bruises all over my legs, or sores on my feet. I love life slowing down and feeling like 1 year has been compacted into 3 weeks. I love being busy. But as for the creativity aspect, it is true that I tend to slow down on my writing and original ideas when I’m so slammed. That’s okay though, it’s why I take the time like I have these past few weeks in order to prepare for the next step.

What a treat to have you here and to talk about your life within the past year! Are you hoping to change anything within your artistry for 2020, or planning to remain consistent with how you were in 2019?!

And what a treat to be featured in Buzz Music! So glad you guys are welcoming me back. I’m planning for a major change this year. The songs I’ve been working on lately are so... jazzy. 80’s rock combined with jazz. The older I get the more mature my music becomes, it’s like it ages alongside me. I don’t know when I’m going to release them, but it’s for sure that when I do it will be a huge upgrade. For now, I’m going to focus on some videos and attention on the music that’s already out. I crave making it in this world, so I’m dedicating myself to that. Each year will be a step above the last. Thanks again, you guys.



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