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Boost Your Energy with The Ormidales' Hit, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees"

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, the genre-defying duo The Ormidales releases a hungry power-pop single in honor of soccer's excitement and energy with their latest hit, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees."

Comprised of singer-songwriters Bill Oliver and Mark Branscombe, The Ormidales have quickly jumped into several markets with three released albums that continue to receive radio rotation throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia. Not to mention their multi-genre approach and willingness to venture into different sounds and styles, The Ormidales are indeed leaving a significant mark on our independent music industry.

Recently releasing their powerful and exhilarating single, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees," The Ormidales felt compelled to capture the spirit and excitement of soccer while pumping us up to sing along with this ear-worm anthem. We love the stimulating and joyous feel of this single, and we're more than excited to introduce it to our readers.

"Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees" opens with a warm acoustic guitar that quickly drops into a whole-hearted rock groove through a thumping rhythm guitar, sweet bass licks, an upbeat drum arrangement, and The Ormidales' exciting vocal portrayal. As Mark Branscombe takes the spotlight, he begins to passionately sing of someone who's caught his undivided attention and has him crawling for their touch.

As The Ormidales jump into their lively hook, they bring us all the excitement and adrenaline we feel during a beloved sports game, a unique adventure, or simply falling in love with someone new. As their melodic and rhythmic instrumentals continue to gleam through our speakers, The Ormidales lead us towards the outro with nothing but energy and life.

Feel the rhythm and excitement of The Ormidales' latest upbeat single, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

What a lively and exciting listening experience you've delivered with your latest single, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees." Was this song solely inspired by the game of European football? Where did the song's inspiration come from?

Mark: I had initially written the song as a love song. I had just met a wonderful woman and was in a courtship. The song developed as the relationship did, the wild feeling of letting oneself succumb to the joy of falling in love, and the willingness to go all-in on something that you felt was right for you.

What was it like working alongside the various session players for "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees"? How did they help bring your thrilling instrumentals to life?

Mark: We didn't hire session players, actually. One of the people that played on the track, the drummer Murphy Farrell, is a really good friend and a long-time musical associate, we have played in bands together for quite a while and so had a pretty good time cranking out a rock tune. Murphy has an instinctual sense of where the pushes, ebbs, and flows happen in a song. PD Wohl was a new friend when we initially recorded the tune. Paul engineered, mixed, played keys and guitar. He's a New Jersey fellow and brought the East Coast to feel to a lot of our first record. The re-mix was done with Scott Young this year. I had recorded with Scott at his studio, Alchemy Studios; he played drums on our last single "Strangers After All". Communication was really easy and our pre2K musical references are similar so it didn't take too long to get the track sounding the way we wanted.

Bill: Indeed we are fortunate to have some very talented musicians as pals who we have welcomed to our songs. Crawlin’ really raises the energy bar and our pals delivered to the max. A much more personal session and fun when it's friends. All with a vast library of influences we often use artists as a reference of sound, feelings, and spirit we want.

How did you want to make listeners feel with "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees"? What sort of emotions or feelings did you want to evoke?

Mark: Excitement, desire, passion, and...anticipation! Bill mentioned that he had been watching football videos and listening to the song on the headphones. The crowd looked to be bouncing in time to the chorus. With that in mind, we wanted the listener to feel like they were at a big event, getting revved up and releasing some energy that had been kept under wraps during 2020 when stadium concerts and sports events were not available.

Bill: It’s a heart beatin’ song with energy over the top that we think will move whoever hears it. The chanting and cheering seemed to meld well!

Could you tell us more about your duo's brand and what themes or concepts you usually bring to the table? What should your audience associate you with?

Mark: Songs 'R Us. We enjoy how songs are composed, performed, recorded and the components that make up a great song and aspire to come up with a little pop classic, particularly with the recent string of singles we've released. With the Ormidales, you also get a night at the movies; we have always been writing in a visual way and the songs, even without an accompanying video, will let you close your eyes and see the images as they play through your mind. We have been tuning into the social stream a lot lately too, and what might be on the mind or in the hearts of people these days. The song always comes first, and a theme or concept will emerge for us on the fly, as the idea of using Crawling on My Hands and Knees in a European Football context did.

Bill: Yes, I have always written or listened to our songs with a visual presentation to match. As a visual artist, I know the importance of ‘what meets the eye” I like to think of us as storytellers with some sweet melodies for dessert. As we pondered a theme for our video for Crawlin’ and tried it with some dynamic football action and crowd reactions we knew we had a match. It truly felt that it was the answer, certainly perhaps different than most videos we created but another story that most importantly captures the spirit and fervor of the world's most popular sport.


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