Boost Your Energy with The Ormidales' Hit, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees"

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, the genre-defying duo The Ormidales releases a hungry power-pop single in honor of soccer's excitement and energy with their latest hit, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees."

Comprised of singer-songwriters Bill Oliver and Mark Branscombe, The Ormidales have quickly jumped into several markets with three released albums that continue to receive radio rotation throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia. Not to mention their multi-genre approach and willingness to venture into different sounds and styles, The Ormidales are indeed leaving a significant mark on our independent music industry.

Recently releasing their powerful and exhilarating single, "Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees," The Ormidales felt compelled to capture the spirit and excitement of soccer while pumping us up to sing along with this ear-worm anthem. We love the stimulating and joyous feel of this single, and we're more than excited to introduce it to our readers.

"Crawlin' On My Hands and Knees" opens with a warm acoustic guitar that quickly drops into a whole-hearted rock groove through a thumping rhythm guitar, sweet bass licks, an upbeat drum arrangement, and The Ormidales' exciting vocal portrayal. As Mark Branscombe takes the spotlight, he begins to passionately sing of someone who's caught his undivided attention and has him crawling for their touch.

As The Ormidales jump into their lively hook, they bring us all the excitement and adrenaline