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BORT Shows Their Versatility On The Unplugged Version Of Their Hit, “Can You Hear Me”

This pop-punk band continues to impress.

With their fresh blend of unfiltered, unadulterated pop punk and infectious, electrifying energy, how would you even begin to describe BORT?

Straight from somewhere between brilliant nebulas and the murky reaches of deep space, if there’s one thing BORT does, it’s marching to the beat of their drums. Driven by their love of music and each other, this unique band is poised to be one of the most exciting and compelling stories of the musical year. If you haven’t heard of them before, we suggest fixing that ASAP.

Made up of the electrifying trio of Jordan McGraw, Zach Merrick, and Jack Lawless, BORT’s origin story is fittingly strange and roundabout, yet heartwarming. After frontman McGraw quit his former band after growing tired of juggling the egos that came with it, his love for collaboration disappeared.

After spending some time going solo, jamming, and playing with his friends made, McGraw realized that with the right company, having comrades to share and build your musical legacy with is far more fun than going it alone. He hasn’t looked back since, so BORT’s grand musical journey would begin.

With their debut release, “Can You Hear Me,” having racked up more than 100,000 views and counting, it’s fair to say that BORT’s introduction to the world has been a resounding success. Showing another layer to their impressive artistic catalog, BORT has returned with an “unplugged” version of “Can You Hear Me.”

Although the initiated would think that taking away the powerful electric guitar would result in a watered-down release, the opposite is true. McGraw’s vocals shine even more, and the altered instrumental performance somehow makes for an even more nostalgic feel than the original version.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that BORT are as versatile as they are talented, and if they keep this up, super-stardom is well within their reach. One thing’s for sure: we’ll be following their musical journey with interest every step of the way.


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