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BOSCO Is Keeping Traditions Alive In "Lady Laces"

Multi-instrumentalist and experienced singer-songwriter BOSCO never fails to inspire the listener. He hopes to instill a passion for exploring the arts and building relationships with artists through his recent music video for "Lady Laces."

BOSCO knew he was destined for a music career since the tender age of 5. Growing up listening to Johnny Cash and The Beach Boys, BOSCO's songwriting career quickly flourished. He's mastered the creative process from start to finish and knows precisely how to grab the listener's attention with tasteful rock instrumentals and catchy hooks.

More recently, BOSCO released his new music video for "Lady Laces," a tribute to his love for music and appreciation for the vinyl experience he grew up with. Although often overlooked in today's music scene, BOSCO showcases the importance of physical music and the accompanying experience in the song's new clip.

The visual for "Lady Laces" opens with BOSCO rummaging through old records, prompting him to text who we think is Lady Laces. While he sends her on a mission to go retrieve the record that's been stuck in his head, things don't quite go as planned.

As a record thief (maybe Lady Laces) grabs a knife and demands a record from the store, she swiftly escapes with some peering eyes on her. Two kids appear, who happens to be the executive producer Jared Sagal's son and his friend. They tear up the town chasing down this record, only to drop the needle in the middle of a Manchester alley and enjoy the freedom of music.

The song is a magnetizing rock anthem, and the video takes the concept of music appreciation to another level. Find BOSCO's new music video for "Lady Laces" on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BOSCO. Congratulations on releasing your new music video for "Lady Laces." What inspired you to create the song itself, a song about your music appreciation?

Hello! Peace, love, and salutations to all of the kind folks at BuzzMusic! Music inspired me to create "Lady Laces." Music is the binding force of us all. A universal language. A place of peace, excitement, danger, and whatever else you can imagine and still be home in time for dinner. Could you break down the concept for the "Lady Laces" music video?

"Lady Laces" is the record thief. Records have laces of music on them. It is almost a romance between the record collector and the thief, but the focus is getting that first copy of a record at any cost it goes awry and ultimately ends up in the hands of the best ears to have it. Sort of a message to show young music lovers that vinyl is where it’s at.

What inspired such conceptual scenes of Ms. Lady Laces, who may also be a record thief?

Jared Sagal was the mastermind behind the conceptual scenes. My only request was that me; music is beautiful. "Lady Laces" should echo that sentiment but also possess the mystery and sultriness of a good record thief. I was quite happy with his choices, and I hope those involved all go on to reach their goals and accomplish their dreams.

What was your experience working alongside executive producer Jared Sagal for the "Lady Laces" music video? How did he help bring your vision to life?

I always give Jared a free creative license from the start. He may bounce a few ideas around with me, but I try to leave the visuals to him as much as possible. We’ve been working together for a few years now. It no longer works. It is an incredible journey every time, and Jared puts 190 percent into everything.

What do you hope viewers take away from the "Lady Laces" single and music video?

I want them to go to a record store. Shop a little bit.

How do you want to impact them?

I want them to buy a record. Any record. Enjoy the album. Hold it in their hands. Read the lyrics. Imagine their own story. Make it their own.

What's next for you?

More music! I’ve also started acting on the set of 1923 and some of the up-and-coming Kevin Costner films. If you love music, embrace it. I’ve played guitar since I was five years old. There were ups and downs constantly. But it is the vehicle to take you where you need to be. “You might not always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need" - Mick Jagger. I hope to pass that along to just one person, and I’ll be happy.


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