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Boundless Brothers Creates Moments Through Melodies On Their EP, “Cause And Effect”

Boundless Brothers are Renowned for their piercing lyrics, timeless melodies, and hypnotic harmonies. There’s nothing but magic in the air when Sam, Seb, and Bo play live. Ever since being showcased by the likes of The Guardian and BBC Introducing, they have taken the music industry by storm – wooing crowds across the South West with their uplifting blend of Pop and Folk-Rock.

We took a listen to the melodic and bewitching release of their single titled “Cause And Effect” off their project called “Cause And Effect EP” and we were more than just impressed! We became fans of this band. My favorite element about this song would hands down be the enticing lyricism. “Your fire is fading, and if you fall I’ll be here waiting.” This specific line and the cohesive melody and lush harmonies had me addicted to the track. The music moved me. Boundless Brothers had us elevated and gave us a constant leveled motion to where you can peacefully enjoy the song to its fullest extent. After listening to their single “Give A Little Love” off their EP we quickly learned how mystically intriguing this band is. They have this special effect on them that will leave you in an everlasting trance of romance and charisma. “Give A Little Love” was simply a nice addition to the sensational experience you’ve endured through “Give A Little Love”.

Listen to "Cause And Effect” here and get to know more about Boundless Brothers below!

What’s up Boundless Brothers! Mind telling our readers about the formation of the band? What made you guys want to pursue music?

Hey Buzz Music! When I (Sam) first moved down to Penzance from Cheltenham with my brother Seb, the first thing we remember seeing when walking through the streets was a group of people busking. This really caught our attention and gave us the motivation to do something like this ourselves. A month or so later, after learning a couple of chords on the guitar and a few notes on the bass, we went out to do our first show, which fuelled our passion to carry on performing. We met drummer Bo Payne at college, who would later become the final member. Bo Started playing music at a young age. Watching his dad perform, he was inspired to start playing the drums along with him, which he did on whatever he could find (namely pots and pans and bin lids). He later got himself a Drum kit and played with a number of bands, before settling with 'Boundless Brothers' in 2015.

What has been the most monumental moment in your career so far?

It has to be either playing for the Exeter Christmas lights a few years back, to the biggest crown we have ever seen (which really got the nerves going!) or when we were casually driving to a gig and heard our song being played on the radio for the first time. It was a real double take moment, where we couldn't quite believe that it was us being played aha.

Let’s talk about your EP, “Cause And Effect”. What was the main theme behind this project? Where did you draw most of your inspiration from?

The main theme of the EP is the ups and down of love and how it can sometimes make you feel both great and terrible in equal measure. We like to listen to a lot of older music and get inspired by the likes of; Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles and The eagles for their harmonies, which is the main focus of any of our songs, and bands like the Police, Queen, Steely Dan and John Mayer for their musical arrangements.

What would you consider the most impactful single off “Cause And Effect” and why?

'Give a little love', our most contemporary song of the EP, this has a positive message mixed with dark overtones. Alternatively, 'Even for a moment' is our first slow ballad, which really showcases our vocal harmonies and has even shed a tear or two when played live.

What’s next for Boundless Brothers?

Now that our EP is out, we are hoping to play all over the UK and Europe at the end of the year and the start of next year. This will be to promote our new music and get more experience performing in new places. 

We have also started work on our next album, which we hope to release in the near future. 


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