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BOY ON A HILL Releases A Moving And Bittersweet Single, “Cut the Chord”

BOY ON A HILL delivers yet another outstanding release with their latest heartfelt single, “Cut The Chord.”

Hailing from Western Australia BOY ON A HILL is comprised of members Dan Glasgow and Tom Greble, who formed the band back in 2016 when they met each other playing saxophone and drums in a 7-piece Ska group.

“Cut The Chord” is the third single from this up-and-coming Folk-Pop duo. BOY ON A HILL pride themselves on creating beautiful, heartfelt moments for their listeners. Blending aspects of Pop and Folk together, listeners can expect a variety of themes of love and loss infused with acoustic guitar, harmonica, accordion, and occasionally even a string quartet.

“Cut The Chord” is saturated with BOY ON A HILL’s signature sounds of acoustic guitar as well as a beautifully soaring string arrangement. Soft, heartfelt, and moving vocals and harmonies perfectly convey the bittersweet feelings that permeate the single. We are loving the intimate yet emotive feeling that comes from the subtle yet compelling instrumentation throughout the track.

“Cut The Chord” is a true story that comes straight from the heart. The band notes how the meaning stems from a story of a family who cannot accept their child’s first love interest. The duo repeats the title of the track many times over the course of the song, begging the child to cut the cord and break free from the over-protective and disapproving feelings from loved ones that tarnish their dynamic.

Overall, “Cut The Chord” feels devastatingly beautiful, and we are loving every second of it. Make sure to check out the latest single and music video from BOY ON A HILL today.

Welcome back to Buzzmusic, BOY ON A HILL. We are so happy to have you here, this time celebrating your standout single, "Cut The Cord." You've mentioned that this song is based upon a true story. Did you find it tough to tap into such personal experiences?

Dan: I think personal experiences bring out the best subject matter for creating art. It's always cathartic when you are working through a personal issue and are able to create poetry and capture the emotion as chords and melody. The songs that catch people's attention are always going to have something personal and poignant that show the essence of the human spirit. There are a lot of fake and lazy lyrics and four-chord songs created en masse for the market. They feel utterly sterile to me, no matter how well crafted the music is.

What does the writing process tend to look like for you as a duo? Do you write the lyrics together, or do you tend to bring each other different concepts you've written separately?

Dan: I generally have the bulk of the song created before we both jam and play around with ideas. For "Cut the Cord," Tom started on accordion but felt the song would be served best with a string quartet. He wrote the arrangement, organized the string players, and we recorded them in about 3 or 4 takes. We first spelled the song "Cut the Chord." They decided on CORD without the musical pun. The song was actually recorded before the pandemic hit. Everything has kind of gone into a time warp since then as our borders closed. Covid 19 has only just arrived in Western Australia.

What can listeners expect from the music video that comes along with "Cut The Cord?"

Dan: Well, I took some parts of the storyline from the lyrics, which are basically a warning to avoid a certain kind of a boy at the risk of upsetting one's parents. In the real-life story, this was a friend of mine who was in love with a girl from another religion. This caused massive family tension, and the matter ended up in court. In the video, we made the parents become zombies, and the father pursues the protagonist through the Australian bush with a Samurai sword. We shot in the town of Jarrahdale, in the Perth hills, as it has these quaint and beautiful old buildings. The video was made as a project for my twin sons to use as a portfolio to get into a film degree at university. We worked on the scenes together, and then they shot, acted, and edited the footage. It was filmed on an iPhone 13 pro, bar the first two drone shots. The good news is they were accepted into the course, so now we have access to really nice cameras, and the boys will only get better. Nothing like a free film crew!

Did you have a specific idea in mind of you who hoped this song would resonate with the most?

It's impossible for us to know in advance who our music touches. I can look at data from social media and website visitors, and it shows all ages and from all over the globe. We just try and make beautiful music that we like.

What's next for you?

Dan: Im working with a couple of artists currently as well as completing more Boy On A Hill songs. Tom is gigging in a million projects, though with Covid recently arriving here, that means some shows are being canceled or restricted in audience size. We had our borders closed for two years which meant that life kind of went on as normal, just without tourists or visiting bands. We've only had ten deaths from Covid, so we've been lucky. We did see some strange stories with folk in the USA waving banners saying 'Save Australia' totally bizarre. We are fine and creating beautiful art Down Under, thank you very much.


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