Brace Yourself For Crash Overcast’s Thunderous Punk Single “Bloodrush”

Los Angeles punks Crash Overcast is back with another blood-pumping single “Bloodrush”. After a 6 track EP and 3 singles, Crash Overcast has expanded their careers by not only working with producer Paul Miner (New Found Glory, Atreyu, Death By Stereo, etc.) but by taking the stage at Vans Warped Tour in 2018. Their latest thrilling single “Bloodrush” couldn’t have a better name, as Crash Overcast’s intoxicating and high energy instrumentals naturally get your adrenaline going. With edgy vocals that establish the tracks' overall mood and atmosphere, “Bloodrush” creates a sense of rebellion and fighting for what you believe in.

The hard-hitting single opens with an energetic guitar riff coming to a crescendo then met with the initial downbeat of the well-rounded and punchy drums. As the verse begins, the tempo of the track is at an all-time high, enhancing Crash Overcast’s limitless energy. With unique and dynamic vocals that take you on a journey from low to high, Crash Overcast has clearly captured the essence of creating effective and authentic rock music. “Bloodrush” is jam-packed full of retable angst and soaring melodies that get you moving. With a variety of unexpected twists and turns, Crash Overcast’s “Bloodrush” keeps our energy high at a low time like this.

Listen to "Bloodrush" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, CrashOvercast! We were blown away by your punchy single “Bloodrush”. Could you share whereCrashOvercastfound inspiration for the invigorating song? Thank you! We’re pumped you’re enjoying the track! Bloodrush was one of the very first songs we wrote for our upcoming record that branched out from the typical pop-punk writing style we utilized a lot in the past. We wanted to move away from the idea of our music to fit tightly into any specific genre, and instead pulled influence for the song from what we were listening to at the time. We were listening to a lot of darker and heavier stuff at the time of writing the song such as Dead Poetic, Story Of The Year, Veil Of Maya, Underoath, and Protest The Hero. Funny enough, there’s this dance-rock band called Don Broco from the UK who had a big influence on the feel of the song in general.

In regards to Crash Overcast’s creative process with “Bloodrush”, were there any specific instrumental tracks that you laid first to help achieve a clearer vision of where you wanted to take the single? 

First, we laid down a demo with the main structure, guitar parts, and general drum parts to get a roadmap of what we were going for. Then, we iterated on it with all of us in our practice space, moving things around a bit, spicing them up where we wanted, and going over them tirelessly. Playing it live prior to its release helped with the vision of the song too, because we could field test the parts that we wrote to see how the energy of the song would carry in a live environment. One of the first times we debuted it was actually in San Diego at the 2018 Warped Tour. It was great to be able to show a bunch of new people what we had been working on!

It’s pretty ironic that the concept behind “Bloodrush” is about the world’s self-destruction, and how it perfectly reflects the world’s current events as we speak. Could you share with us how your lyric writing on “Bloodrush” reflects Crash Overcast’s brand and overall message you want to portray? Funny enough, we have talked at length about this, and the irony definitely isn’t lost on us. We had the song for two years prior to these recent events, and the song’s release just so happened to be in early March. It was completely unintentional but eerily coincidental.

Crash Overcast has created quite the name for themselves on the West Coast through your high energy and interactive shows. What makes Crash Overcast’s live shows different from other punk bands? 

We’d like to think that for four guys with full-time jobs, we still find it in ourselves to give everything we have to our live performances. We feel that if people are taking the time and spending their money to come to see us, it’s only fair that we give them all the energy we have left at the end of the day and make their investment worthwhile. We pride ourselves on taking our music seriously and making our performances as tight as possible, but being as loose as possible when we’re on stage, and just having as much fun as we can.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

On April 10th, we’re releasing our second single, “Five Revolutions,” which will also have a music video. That new single and “Bloodrush” are both off of our upcoming full length, “When All The World’s Asleep,” which is due out Friday, May 10th. We have a bunch of extra content built around the record as well! We’re working on a studio documentary that starts back in 2018, when we were prepping for Warped Tour, writing and demoing new material, and goes all the way through adding our lead guitarist Edwin, recording our record with Paul Miner, and the release process. We’re really excited for everyone to hear all of the new material, witness the process, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get out on the road in the Fall of 2020 *fingers crossed*