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Brace Yourself for the Jason Lane Band’s Blazing Release “Speed of Sound”

Vancouver blues/rock band the Jason Lane Band returns with their high energy single and music video “Speed of Sound”. Consisting of Jason Lane Amott (guitar), Chantal Sayers Amott (vocals), and Alex J. Ritchie (guitar). The Jason Lane Band claims that blues is always calling their name, yet the rock is what got them to where they are today. With their recent single “Speed of Sound” The Jason Lane Band gives off an energetic and passionate performance within the tracks music video. All while displaying their long-studied background and love for hard-hitting rock and groovy blues.

“Speed of Sound” gives off a blistering rock atmosphere just within the first few seconds. While the guitar duo Jason Lane Amott and Alex J. Ritchie provide an infectious rhythm and sweltering melodies through the top-flight electric guitar, Chantal Sayers Amott brings in the classic feel of female powerhouse vocals that seams “Speed of Sound” tightly together. Once we reach the chorus, a gripping kick drum pounds its way through to let The Jason Lane Band come together as a whole to serve their fierce and enthusiastic sound. Not to forget scorching guitar solo’s that push their way to the forefront and give us the energy we need, it’d be a shame to miss out on the force that is The Jason Lane Band.

Discover "Speed of Sound" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jason Lane Band! We’re feeling the bands high energy of your recent single “Speed of Sound”. Could you share what the group had in mind when initially getting down to writing and creating “Speed of Sound”?

Jason: Hi BuzzMusic, thanks for having us! The music usually starts with me. I never force songwriting and rarely sit down with the intention of writing a song. Inspiration strikes when it wants to and on its own time. When I hooked the riff for Speed of Sound the whole song magically came with it. Sometimes you get just a tail and have to work at it, other times the entire song presents itself. Lyrically, the Speed of Sound was crafted after a personal motto of mine. They are words that I have always believed in and have said in many forms. I tell my kids all the time, essentially "Work hard and don't stop until the job is done".

Your single “Speed of Sound” highlights pristine rock instrumentation from powerful vocals to sweltering guitars. Speaking on the single, how did The Jason Lane Band divide up the creative process between its members? Any specific techniques or methods?

Chantal: As a band we tend to build songs based on a riff that we like, or maybe a chorus that comes to mind. Once we have established the structure of the song then we will put lyrics to the song.JasonLaneis typically the brainpower behind most of the guitar licks and melodies, while Chantal Sayers is the creative mind behind lyrics. That being said, once we have a basic framework for a song it then becomes a collective band effort to fine-tune and really make the songs come alive.    

Jason: Alex and I have been playing together for a long time. Even after the demise ofSwaggerjackwe continued to write and play together. Alex has great vision and can add elements to songs that just bring them to life. Chantal has become a powerhouse singer and has discovered a hidden talent for writing lyrics. We each have individual strengths that really work well together.  

You’ve mentioned that The Jason Lane Band owes their careers to rock, while blues still makes its way into a variety of your songs. What made The Jason Lane Band take this eclectic route and experiment with different musical elements?

Chantal: It's pretty simple, we love rock and we love blues.  We grew up listening to rock and roll so have crafted our sound to mix this with our passion for blues music. We write music almost exclusively on acoustic guitars but we love the harder rock sound that the electric guitar can bring to a song.    

Jason: Chantal and I played in a blues/rockband calledTaboo Queen that I started back in 2015. Over the four years we were together we played a handful of old blues standards and more modern contemporary blues. As a songwriter, I was able to evolve and discover new riffs, melodies, and a new style of play. JLB now has the best of both worlds, a complete mixture of everything we love. 

We’ve heard that your single “Speed of Sound” was the first track off your now released “Speed of Sound” EP. What can you say on the EP, and what made The Jason Lane Band choose to name the EP after the single “Speed of Sound”?

Chantal: Well, again, this song is largely about finding your groove in life and really going for it - never give up and don't slow down. My favorite line in the chorus of this song is "you can't break the speed of sound if you're slowing down".  So, it's a metaphor for how to live your life when you have a passion and you want to achieve great things.  This is how we look at our music and why we chose this song. 

Jason: This is the first EP of many. Our catalog of songs is deep and one of our main goals when starting this band was to produce a continuous stream of music. The Speed of Sound was a fitting first single and title of our EP because like it states, we will not slow down. Our second single titled 'Keep Me Guessing' is out now and we have already started work on our second EP.


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