Brace Yourself for the Jason Lane Band’s Blazing Release “Speed of Sound”

Vancouver blues/rock band the Jason Lane Band returns with their high energy single and music video “Speed of Sound”. Consisting of Jason Lane Amott (guitar), Chantal Sayers Amott (vocals), and Alex J. Ritchie (guitar). The Jason Lane Band claims that blues is always calling their name, yet the rock is what got them to where they are today. With their recent single “Speed of Sound” The Jason Lane Band gives off an energetic and passionate performance within the tracks music video. All while displaying their long-studied background and love for hard-hitting rock and groovy blues.

“Speed of Sound” gives off a blistering rock atmosphere just within the first few seconds. While the guitar duo Jason Lane Amott and Alex J. Ritchie provide an infectious rhythm and sweltering melodies through the top-flight electric guitar, Chantal Sayers Amott brings in the classic feel of female powerhouse vocals that seams “Speed of Sound” tightly together. Once we reach the chorus, a gripping kick drum pounds its way through to let The Jason Lane Band come together as a whole to serve their fierce and enthusiastic sound. Not to forget scorching guitar solo’s that push their way to the forefront and give us the energy we need, it’d be a shame to miss out on the force that is The Jason Lane Band.

Discover "Speed of Sound" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jason Lane Band! We’re feeling the bands high energy of your recent single “Speed of Sound”. Could you share what the group had in mind when initially getting d