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Brae Leni Blurs Genres In Latest Track “Easy on ‘Em”

Brae Leni has solidified himself as more than just a singer, the man of many hats writes lyrics, produces beats, and runs a recording studio. With an impressive repertoire under his belt already, Brae Leni is consistently releasing new track equiped with raw vibes and pure soul. The 27 year old from Little Rock, Arkansas is a self-proclaimed music magnet. Whether singing at a wedding, DJ’ing at a party, or rocking out at one of his live concerts you know what you are going to get, energy, passion and entertainment. 

Soulful and smooth, Brae Leni’s latest track “Easy on ‘Em” features an eclectic and experimental fusion of sounds. Brae Leni gracefully mixes old school flare with a contemporary new wave vibe to create a sultry and addicting new track. His well known vocals work so well on track that focuses on desire and beauty. “Easy on ‘Em” is  a refreshing new track that’s layered with elements of soul and adds a vibrant new wave sound to Brae Leni’s already impressive repertoire. The powerful energy he exudes is contagious and we can’t get enough! 

Check out “Easy on ‘Em” here!


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