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Brae Leni Brings Us the Funk With His New Single “Make Sho’”

Brae Leni has been making a lot of noise with his feel-good Funk music by bringing the vibe to audiences across America. Today is no different as we take in his masterpiece of “Make Sho’” and we are making sure that you absolutely listen to this ASAP!

The song opens up with the classic elements of feel-good funk, from the founding fathers of the genre to even the more recent “uptown funk” and other Bruno Mars hits. However, not trying to give too much credit, but this brand of Funk feels more authentic! The lyrics are amazing, but not totally upfront and in your face. There is a lot happening musically in this song and the lyrics suit as almost a nice compliment to what’s happening musically. However, the lyrics do so in a way that also makes it impossible to not sing along. The infectious lines like “Make Sho’ that you’re feeling, make sure that it’s real” and sung in the melody that it is, you don’t stand a chance. Not only are you dancing and grooving to the Funk Soul beat, but you’re also singing along too. Musically, “Make Sho'” has the upstroke guitar work, the weird synth and the funky bass that we can’t do without. The song also features a ripping guitar solo that just sends this home approx 2/3rd’s in and by that point, you are nothing short of blown away. 

This has got to be some of the most amazing and fresh music we have heard in the Funk Soul genre. Please, do yourself the favor of making sure to listen to “Make Sho’” by Brae Leni today!

Listen to "Make Sho'" here.


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