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Brains and Bars, Machgang Is on His Way to the Top

Machgang is a 20-year-old upcoming sensation all the way from Chandler, Arizona. Although fairly new to the industry with only one release, he acquired 100k streams and his new single “Bands” which is set to debut at the end of November. Not only is this young artist an amazing musician, but he’s also well-rounded and diverse when it comes to being a jack of all trades! That’s right, this triple threat is also in school studying Electrical Engineering. Brains and talent, how could you not be a fan of him?

MachGang's music hits you hard with a punch and the intensity is just on point. MachGang's lyrics are catchy with a witty approach. He knows how to get the crowd hype while still swagging the beat out.

It’s most noticeable in his record “Get Out”. This song was the epitome of classic rap in it’s truest form. This record fused together with the raw art form of lyricism while keeping the contemporary trap style served for a huge hit in the making. Machgang can not only go bar to bar with most of the rappers in the market today, but he gives you a throwback vibe with how skillful his cadence and delivery are. After his single “Get Out” received so much traction, Machgang decided it was best to take music seriously and has a lot more coming for him in the future so stay tuned!

Listen to MachGang's music here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic MachGang! We are so happy to have you as one of our break out artists of 2019! Tell us about your year!

Thanks for bringing me back, but this year has been a pretty good year for me musically so far. I spent the beginning of the year debating whether I would take a shot at music and release a song. To now having fans asking me to release more music and for around 200k+ streams on all platforms and having interviews like these.

Knowing “Get Out” was your first single you’ve ever released, what was the initial vision you had for this record?

My initial vision with my song “Get Out” was to be my shot in the dark. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I love what ended up happening and hopefully, I can keep it up and get bigger.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to “Get Out”?

How I would describe my approach to writing the lyrics to Get Out was to be as honest as possible and explain my feelings and emotions to how life was treating me during that time period.

In what ways does “Get Out” represent who MachGang is?

Get Out repents MachGang to the fullest extent. I’m tired of being in a situation of being dependent on others and then being used and mistreated because of my lack of money. So I want to get out of that entire system and be able to just live normally.

Let’s talk about your upcoming music! We hear you have a new single debuting at the end of

Ya, I have a lot more music coming out imma take it one step at a time though and make sure I think its all quality because I’ll take quality over quantity any day. But my new release on November 22nd is called Bands. It’s about honestly my push for trying to further my music career, as I’m not doing this all for anything. So stay tuned for that and go listen to it on all platforms.

What’s next for you in 2020, MachGang?

What’s next for me in 2020 is a lot more songs. I also will be performing at a Lil Yachty concert in February so that will be big for me. I’m also hoping by the end of next year, I will have released an album, and become a much bigger artist.



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